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RRD Type 8 9m (2007)

Super-fast, smooth and very powerful freestyle weapon with good pop and range when unzipped. Solidly put together as ever from the Italian-based brand, but the feel of the bar is very different to anything else. We're sure it's just a matter of getting used to it though...
The Type 8 combines manoeuvrability and a stable Perfect Curve Leading Edge from its predecessors with a new inflatable curved tip for improved tip rigidity, stability and depower. The zip is back, to increase low-end torque and jumping, while a third generation total depower bar provides the 100% depower for improved wind range and safety.
Roberto Ricci believes the T8 is most advanced C kite design on the market and the perfect weapon for those riders who want to have the right tool for freestyle and wave riding, where manoeuvrability, speed and precision can make the difference between landing a trick or taking a hit.
GEORGE: Straight out the bag it is good, looks great, nice graphics, has one pump; on to a winner.
WILL: This kite is so fast and is an awesome performer, but for me is let down by the bar.
SHINN: Yeah the pulley system in the bar makes for a strange feeling; there's resistance on the throw and unless you push or pull it the bar stays where it is. It's not bad, it just takes some time to get used to.
WILL: I didn't get on with that. I'd hit a gust, go to let the pressure off the bar and it would be stuck! By the time you've pushed it out the gust has gone! If you were in perfect winds it would be really nice, and I guess it might ease off the more you use it, but it really should be right from the off if you ask me.
SHINN: The zipper system makes a huge difference to the kite. I preferred it zipped. Very good power, if not the most depower.
GEORGE: Yeah we're impressed with the RRD zip on every kite we test. Really increases the wind range and feel of the kite. Zipped it has a gathered in foil and sits further back in the window for more wake-style power. Unzip it when you're getting over powered and you can handle more gusts and it turns into a jump machine.
WILL: Super-fast and smooth freestyle weapon with good pop. Definitely one of the quickest on the market.
6, 7, 9, 12, 15 and 18m
RRD Type 8 9m (Appeared in Kiteworld in Apr/May 2007: Issue #26 - Super-C-kite Test)

This test is in issue #26

RRD Type 8
RRD Type 8
RRD Type 8

Added: 2007-05-31

Category: Gear

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