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RRD Toxic Wave 148 (2007)

We reckon RRD have hit the nail on the head with this one. A great wind swell or even ground swell shape with great usability. Rides backwards well, but forwards on the wave with those brilliant tucked surfboard rails, nice grippy flat section on the back and thruster fin set-up, it rips, effortlessly. Even if you're already into surfboards, you wouldn't go wrong with one of these for when it's big and ballistic.
It's all about tricks and off-the-lips. Riding waves is not only the privilege of a few lucky kiters that live by quality breaks. This wave kiteboard has a directional outline and scoop rocker-line, but a twin-tip stance. You decide which way to ride waves (front or back-side), and simply switch riding nose or tail first instead of having to switch stance. This great new concept will allow you to combine classic freestyle manoeuvres with hardcore wave riding. A new specifically redesigned kite fin set with two smaller fins for the nose and three bigger fins for the tail allow the rider to use the board at its maximum potential in both directions. A full concave bottom shape gives the board a solid grip and a better upwind performance.
WILL: The straps only go one way which is a real bummer as you guys are all goofy and I'm a regular footer.
NEAL: If I have a criticism of this board it's this: on an asymmetrical board you need to have straps that work both ways so that someone can choose to ride front-side or back-side on a wave if conditions change. The fixtures and fittings might be good but we all know how long it takes to thread a screw so it won't work any more. It's just not an option to keep swapping, which is why we put some symmetrical straps on it.
GEORGE: That said, as soon as you get on it you go down the wave, apply a bit of toe-pressure, bomb straight round your bottom turn and you get projected right up the wave to the top, bang on your heels and you're round and flying back down again! It's amazing, you don't have to think about anything and it has this sort of auto-pilot training system that makes you ride everything better.
WILL: It looks like a real little wave-weapon, like a little tow-in board. Rides upwind well, backwards well and is just electric on the wave.
NEAL: It really surprised me, I didn't think I'd like such a small board compared to a surf board. Even though it's small it's got a nice bottom turn, top turn and you can actually surf waves with it. I do think it could do with a bigger brother, though, for bigger riders or lighter winds.
GEORGE: Maybe, but it's aimed at the intermediate kiter who's still using the kite a bit for power and it works brilliantly. If it was bigger, it would lose its twin-tip feel and ability to hold power like people are used to ? you could use this in ballistic winds. I'd say it's the perfect wave twin-tip.
148 x 42cm

This test is inissue #25

RRD Toxic Wave
RRD Toxic Wave
RRD Toxic Wave

Added: 2008-08-01

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