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RRD Pro Wave 5' 9 (2008)

The 5'9 Pro Wave is a real surfboard with a reduced thickness; simple as that. It comes directly from RRD's pure surfboard collection, combining the characteristics of a fully tested pro model surfboard with a bulletproof kiteboard construction so it's durable enough to be suitable for use with a kite in your hands. Constructed with SX48 wood, it's bi-axial glass custom finished and come with three G-10 fins.

CHRIS: Felt a little heavy in the hands, but there's no question that it's definitely strong. The graphics look good, the foot straps are comfortable and it comes with quality G-10 fins.
NEAL: Heavy bombproof construction. Nice, simple pads; not too thick and good for feeling the board. Windsurf-style straps allow your feet plenty of freedom to twist but also give you enough attachment to the board.
CHRIS: Very bumpy with lots of chop out the back and this board dealt really well with all of it. Gybing is easy and the board is very stable, so it's a lot of fun straight away. Off the wave it rides fast and goes upwind well. The bottom turn is smooth with nice, constant grip and drive, holding its speed up the face. Smacking the top is fun and rewarding with only occasional stalls caused by over eager back foot pressure.
NEAL: Deals with chop brilliantly. Feels very stable upwind but becomes loose on the wave very quickly. Shorter and proportionally wider than any of the other more 'surfboard' shapes on test, it seems to be really suited to the lumpy beach-break and wind-swell conditions. I like the way you can really drive this board off-the-bottom and easily vary the tightness of the turn to match the short, sharp changes in the waves you get at beach breaks like this. Above a certain sized wave I'd want a longer rail though, and in bigger waves you don't want to be struggling to maintain your bottom turn. The fins are fairly rigid which probably explains why this smaller board gets going and goes upwind so well, but this does detract from the responsiveness a little. If you broke one of these fins on a trip, you might struggle to replace it as bolt-throughs aren't as easily available as FCS.
A good bet for riding in a variety of conditions. Would suit riders wanting to get into wave riding as its stability and construction are sure to serve you well, and if you do get some air, it can take the landings. Advanced riders will appreciate its good all-round, fun performance, but might prefer a lighter construction to feel more at home.
5' 9 x 17' ?
RRD Pro Wave


This test is inissue #33

RRD Pro Wave
RRD Pro Wave
RRD Pro Wave
RRD Pro Wave

RRD Pro Wave
RRD Pro Wave
RRD Pro Wave
RRD Pro Wave

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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