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RRD Poison (2008)


If you think about combining the most innovative construction technology available with a fully wet-sanded and polished finish, a mega-thin bottom foil with a sick hi-definition photo-print, a stainless steel limited signature nose plate, a state-of-the-art accessory package and a top-level snowboard laminar wood-core technology, then you have an idea of what this board line comes with. Just add a CNC shape defined by 0.5mm steps in a deep single concave hull, torsion box designed tips, and you have the 2008 Poison line! Each board size comes in a different colour.

WILL: Straight away when you get on this you want to pop airs because it's so lively but so controllable under your feet. Pads and straps are nice and comfortable and lock you in. It's quite light so is easy for tricks and the release is excellent.
CHRIS: I liked riding this a lot. When riding it you feel like you've just taken an energy tablet. When you jump, the board just comes up to your hands because it's so light ? you find yourself automatically just going for grabs. Feels very nimble on the water, is lively and very inspiring. Holds really good speed, so is great for intermediates and advanced alike. Pops off the water brilliantly, is surprisingly soft and flexible and much quicker than I thought it would be. Bit like a little hot hatch sports car.
WILL: Has a real smooth quality to it, and although it has definite freestyle capabilities, overall it is a fun and easy board to ride, so you don't have to be a great rider to get a lot out of this. Copes with chop really well, rips upwind, gets going quickly and smoothly and at the end of the day's testing really gave me a second wind. It doesn't hold you back, it helps. Everything you want in a twin-tip is here.
CHRIS: Nice fun board, not pure wakestyle but just easy performance.

SUMMARY: A lively, light responsive twin-tip, the Poison eats up all the rough water in its path and still has the capabilities to perform a high level of freestyle. Aimed at the advanced rider, there's no reason an intermediate rider looking to progress couldn't have loads of fun on this board.

129 x 38cm
130 x 39cm
131 x 40cm
132 x 41cm
133 x 42cm
134 x 43cm

rrd poison


This test is inissue #33

rrd poison

rrd poison
rrd poison
rrd poison
rrd poison
rrd poison

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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