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RRD Poison Camo 41 (2011)

The Poison Camo features the same shape and high-tech core technology as the LTD edition Poison, featuring a new longer outline to allow easier landings and improved pop, combined with a new torsion box deck design, improving riding stability. The Camo however has a more durable top and bottom finish, a Duraclear screened and polished deck and sublimated matt bottom graphics, making these high-performance shapes even more solid and durable. A fantastic board for every serious freestyler.
Let's not beat about the bush; this is the Millennium Falcon ? quite simply it's the fastest ship in the galaxy. Aggressive looks are matched in performance. The Poison has a super-flat rocker, is very stiff, reasonably light and loves going fast. It requires very little power to get up on the plane; as soon as you dive the kite it goes and, because it's so efficient, even your kite enjoys that board; giving energy back to the kite as the board is so fast.
It's quite a technical ride though, which you'd expect from a highperformance freestyle board, requiring lots of pressure from your back foot, especially in chop. Get it on some flat water though and this board is right at home. It's top of the food chain in terms of fast, strapped riding. It's much more of a 'kiteboard' than a 'wakeboard' and if you're looking for that rapid, aggressive kite-style of riding, then we can't think of anything better. Stacked with pop, thin rails bite beautifully and that flat rocker gets it up and going early.
Experienced riders won't need to think twice about switching rails or getting it to break out or carve, but intermediate riders would find it more hard work. The Poison is beautifully fitted-out, with RRDs lovely ScrewIT pad and strap system that doesn't require a screwdriver and is super easy to fit. Grippy, not too soft, but comfortable and with plenty of adjustment, these finish off what is a no-nonsense, top class freestyle product.


We loved RRD's all-singing, all dancing freestyle machine last year, and still do. Like a pit bull that's been cooped up for too long it's got so much pent up energy that it just wants to run and run. Making a board like this is a bold statement, but the Italian brand cover all riders throughout their range with some stunning gear. The top-tier of fast, aggressive pop-monkeys will absolutely love this. If you're worried that you have to ride in chop occasionally you'll have to ride with a bit more pressure on your back foot, but you'll get over it and when you get to the flat stuff it will all be worth it.
The pinnacle of super-fast, strapped freestyle design for flatter waters.
We would say that we'd make it more all-round for most people to enjoy, but then it wouldn't be the snarling pit bull that it is.

135 x 43, 134 x 42, 133 x 41, 132 x 40, 131 x 39 and 130 x 38cm


This test is inissue #51

rrd posion
rrd poison
rrd poison
rrd poison

Added: 2011-04-27

Category: Gear

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