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RRD Lite Air 135 (2006)

Again RRD have equipped their board with the best set of pads and straps for amazing comfort and a locked-in feeling. Unfortunately this board was let down by an inability to get up and going in light winds, making it the choice for lightweight riders only. Great top end and powered turning characteristics though, so you'd still be able to use it in windier conditions than other light wind boards. If you use big kites as well as small kites in high winds, this wouldn't be a bad choice.

The Lite Air is wide and offers a solid support when kiting in marginal conditions or using a very big kite-size. The full carbon top and bottom construction is the lightest possible lay-up system, offering superb rigidity that aids upwind performance. RRD are still the only manufacturer to use the longer and more expensive vacuum lamination techniques that are typical on the full custom boards they make.

WILL: It felt really comfortable when I put that on my feet. Those straps feel like you could board-off and then lock your feet back in again really easily.
JAKE: But you couldn't really let rip. It never got going really fast, but it also never felt like it would go on a runaway out of control speed run.
WILL: Which is good. It felt really controllable.
GEORGE: It didn't feel like a lightwind board. It didn't really get going underpowered, but powered up it felt lovely.
WILL: There's almost too much rocker. It grips the water really well, glided through chop, was super-carvey but didn't get going like a lightwind board, which is what this test is all about.
JAKE: It's more your stepping-stone between a light wind board and a full on 130 twin-tip.
GEORGE: Just a bit heavy. Looks good though.
WILL: It does feel great - like a sofa for your feet! It may not get going the quickest, but it's got a big top end.



This test is in issue #21

RRD Lite Air
RRD Lite Air

Added: 2007-03-26

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