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RRD HyperType 9m (2007)

This is a really 'electric' kite. You'll ride fast, hard, jump higher and further than you've ever jumped before and immediately find the whole experience very enjoyable and easy to go along with. It's a bit like giving a kid his first catapult - at first he's all power crazy and addicted to shooting further and further until eventually he gets a little too close to the next village and scares himself silly. Fun, though.

The Hyper Type offers the simplicity of a four line bar set-up and complete depower, without compromising control. The Hyper-type also has an 11% larger projected area then its predecessors, the ZH and hiR, for more power. A simple bridle supports the leading edge and eliminates heavy bar pressure. Outstanding upwind and jumping make the new Hyper Type the right choice for those intermediate riders that are looking for a safe, yet manoeuvrable kite for every day riding, and the zip is back to provide an even stronger reserve of power for those light wind days, or for serious hang-time.

WILL: I generally have a problem with most of these hybrids in that they are not the most stable when you're stood on a gusty beach. Having said that, on the water they become super-stable.
SHINN: Yeah, flying it's very stable indeed. A very impressive design with really good hang-time.
WILL: Super-smooth turning and lovely power delivery, however not the best unhooked as it seems to stall a little at times and doesn't really offer a good C shape style loop. I found it one of the most grunty of the hybrids, though, and it's fast. A powerful kite with a very fast loop. Overall, for comfort, effortless riding and jumping and enjoyment, this is really, really good.
SHINN: The bar system is simple but effective. Generally I think this is a good choice for wave riding and general high-wind fun, and the depower is excellent.
GEORGE: For me the best things about this is the insane jumping and float-ability. If you're intermediate and looking for a good old-school jumping buzz then this is a wise choice. Bling, nice fixtures, fittings and one pump.

9, 12 and 15m

RRD Hyper Type (Appeared in Kiteworld in Apr/May 2007: Issue #26)


This test is in issue #26

RRD HyperType
RRD HyperType
RRD HyperType

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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