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RRD Hyper Type 9m (2008)

The Hyper Type 2 has a mix of superior power, easy depower, light bar pressure, manoeuvrability and easy re-launch. Computer designed with attention paid to the smallest seam accuracy, RRD's main focus has been on increasing stability when completely depowered (especially on sizes 9 and 7), which has been achieved with a deeper profile towards the leading edge and through slightly wider tips. There's also improved manoeuvrability on sizes 15 and 12 in order to achieve a better versatility of use for freeride/freestyle users, again through the use of wider tips, but also a higher leech tension.

This kite feels very thin in your hands and you really get the impression it will be very fast and nippy through the air as soon as you pump it up. There's a standard hybrid bridle set-up, a good amount of strut reinforcement and some very bling reflective end panels so you can blind people with your Dr Evil lasers!
WILL: The cleat depower system is very clean and tidy above the bar. There's also an 'Oh shit' handle, fifth-line style safety system (although the kite is only four line), swivel clip, standard push-out quick-release and a short bar adaptor - pull up the line covers and switch the pig-tails to the inside/outside of the bar.
CHRIS: First impressions were right; the kite is fast, turns really nicely and is a really fun kite looping kite. Took me straight up high, went round really quick and gave me loads of time to get it back up to 12 ready to land softly.
WILL: Flies very solidly and there's good feedback through the bar, which feels nice in your hands. There's no lag on the steering, which isn't too heavy or light. There seems to be machined metal where the lines pass through the bar so there's no friction on the line and you can turn and depower it at the same time.
CHRIS: It is instantly controllable, has loads of depower and feels alive through the bar. Impressive unhooked for a kite like this and it doesn't pull your arms off, but you really have to adjust the setting to get it perfect. Haul depower on before you unhook when you've got it set-up normally, otherwise it stalls when you come out of your loop. But when you depower first, there's not enough power for really good pull for your tricks. It's not a dedicated unhooked kite, but if it was your own kite and you spent some time, you'd learn where it needs to be set to perform best. If you're into big hooked-in boosting, this will suit you down to the ground, though.
WILL: Cranks upwind like a train. Most riders wouldn't be disappointed by this kite.
CHRIS: Ticks all the boxes that most riders of an intermediate level upwards are looking for in a kite and isn't too fiddly on the water.

Refined handling, positive feedback through the bar, great upwind ability, speed and huge boosting potential will make this a popular choice. The Hyper Type 2 is a comfortable kite with easy to access performance.

5, 7, 9, 10.5, 12 and 15m

RRD - Hyper Type


This test is inissue #33

RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type
RRD - Hyper Type

Added: 2008-08-01

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