Home Gear RRD BS Classic 140 (2005)

RRD BS Classic 140 (2005)

A superb intermediate board - ticks all the riding boxes in this category.

The BS boards have been designed with the following main features: a good amount of flex in the tips and in the centre of the board; six fin configuration for good grip when overpowered and extremely thin middle section for control and foot steering. Technology-wise they have a PUG PU core and are shaped with a glass epoxy lay-up.

MAGGIE: Very forgiving on everything, flies upwind, good for learning to jump and land - you could cruise around on this all day.
GEORGE: I had tagged this board as a cruiser. Really, really comfortable.
MAGGIE: Easy to spin it which is surprising considering the six fins and its size.
GEORGE: Unfortunately, the first things that hit you are the name - the 'BS Classic', and the fact that it's pink. Very aesthetic qualities but I think a lot of blokes might be put off. It's a shame because they may be being put off a very, very good board. It's a good intermediate board with great fittings and touches, and the most rounded ends for carving turns giving it that 'cruisy' feel. Nice rounded/tucked rails, too.
NEAL: Construction-wise this stands alone. Although it doesn't show it like the pressed laminate boards, the laminate's actually built up from the bottom. It's got asymmetrical stiffness in it. The toe side is less reinforced than the heel-side so it twists correctly under force. This windsurf type construction allows more freedom to shape a board really small, get a proper rail and shape the whole board, not just the top and bottom.
GEORGE: There's that little heel grip which stops your heels flying out. This board will take newish riders a long way. I love the measurement markings they've left on, it's a great feature.
MAGGIE: You ain't gonna miss those pink fins at eye level when you're swimming around in the water.
NEAL: The only thing I that I think the fins are dated. But they're well made - foamcore glass laminate, and really flex giving a good ride. They're cruisy and fit in with the whole board.
GEORGE: This would last you a long time. You'd keep it and come back to it for light winds as well.



This test is in issue #16

RRD BS Classic
RRD BS Classic
RRD BS Classic
RRD BS Classic

Added: 2007-03-23

Category: Gear

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