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RRD Addiction Kite

If you're looking for endless power with smooth control, RRD advise you to look no further than their brand new Addiction kite.
The new 'Power Bomb' in their range is based on a D-shape kite with a relatively open LE arch and is the kite for power freaks that want to get lift and endless progressive power. The real surprise will hit you when you start to release the bar and sheet out that power, though! Ready at a moment's notice to sit fluttering patiently at the edge of the window, you'll tame that beast in seconds.
None of that could be achieved if the kite wasn't super-stable. You'll also find the kite has a lovely medium-light bar pressure, which is astounding considering the power it contains. The curved leading edge provides for brilliant relaunch times and the attention to detail has extended all the way through to the PVC round label strut end protectors!
The Italians have always loved their detail and finishing touches and have developed a new SPS (single pump system) and new inflating valves for the ultimate in hassle free pre-session warm-up routines. Something we can all relate to!
RRD Addiction Kite
RRD Addiction Kite
RRD Addiction Kite

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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