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RRD 5X 132 (2007)

The 5X represents the fourth year of the top level X range of twin-tips from RRD. It's the perfect match for twin-tip users that want a board to perform well in any conditions, simply and without effort. It is a fantastic shape, that with the experience gained through the years of development on this programme, has now found a superb balance. The 5X is tough, radical, quick to plane, comfortable and with powerful pop when needed.


WILL: I'm really happy with this board. Really poppy, goes upwind well and feels really tight under your feet.
GEORGE: I tried a lot of things that I'm not good at landing on this and it soaked it up fine. It has this really tight feel and makes this sound like it's just slotting back into the water. Really satisfying.
WILL: You can hold a rail but at the same time it has a really loose feel? If it's sliding out you can pull it back in pretty easily, but it means you can push your back foot out easily when you get overpowered.
GEORGE: It's one that you'd be happy riding in whatever. The stance is good, it's all just ready to go. It's got the concave in the bottom and nice rocker line to make it smooth. The oval outline means it carves really smoothly. Good straps, fittings, construction, ABS rails, flex and pop. I can't really fault anything on this board.
NEAL: There's a version with a plastic coating on the top too which makes it a little bit heavier but brings the price down from this limited edition.
WILL: The good thing with the pads is that they're simple but they work well. They really lock your feet in but you can get your feet out too for board-offs. As George said, it's hard to find fault.

A solid performer from RRD that's not as exclusively suitable for only the high performing rider as its billing might lead you to believe. It feels like a fourth generation development and would be good as a one-board quiver.

130 x 38
132 x 39
136 x 41cm


This test is in issue #26

RRD 5X 132

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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