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Royal One 32 (2008)

Gusty, choppy 15 - 25 knots

The One board line provides unique styling that simplifies your choices when looking for a forgiving board that is easy-to-use and fun to ride. With a smooth flex pattern and massive pop, the One cuts through chop and rails upwind like a much stiffer board. Whether you are learning to master big jumps or inverted handle-passes, the One offers the experience of effortless freeride carving with the right amount of controlled flex and response that any rider will appreciate. Unique features include a recessed grab rail for easy carrying, foam/vertical grain wood core for strength and PVC and ABS tips and rails for maximum durability and response.

JAMES: I really like the look of it and comes with comfy Da Kine straps and pads that are almost symmetrical rather than a really locked-in style, but easy to get in and out of. Definitely a really good intermediate board with so many good points. You get a lovely smooth ride, but not overly smooth as there's a stiffness to the board that makes it feel like it really sits up in the water. It's just very easy to ride and try things like switching rails, carving, popping and because it's fairly stiff it holds power well and translates it into solid speed and good upwind performance. It's a bit more like I remember twintips being, about old school carving and riding fast. Slightly narrower than some of this size, so as well as riding fast, it rides in toe-side really well, too. Sharp rails gripped well and you felt reassuringly attached to the board and the water.
FX: It doesn't have the softest pads, but they're not hard at all and do suck you in nicely. This is another all-rounder, but for the better intermediate rider I think who's looking to improve. Fantastic looking board and really well-finished. You'd feel good owning this and a lot of care has gone into its fixtures, fittings and graphics. Cuts through the water nicely, tracks well, holds good speed and just goes exactly where you want it to. Feels nice and light on your feet, has plenty of pop so getting to grips or progressing with your jumps is really good on this. So many good points for intermediate to advanced riders. Top end riders would probably
want a bit more high level performance, but you'd do well to out ride this I think.
NEAL: I really liked it. Nice Da Kine straps and pads that are comfy and made good contact with he board. The board itself feels light and very lively. Within ten feet of riding you know it's a good one. Rides fast, is easy to switch from side-to-side and has good pop but also enough flex in it to take the bumps. I'd have to ride it for a long time to find anything I didn't like.

Smart looks and is a tidy mover on the water. Really good build quality backed up by very satisfactory performance on the water in a great fast, responsive and easy to ride twin-tip. Fairly narrow width makes it easy to ride and would only become an issue for more advanced unhooked freestyle. Great package rounded out by good extras from Da Kine and MFC fins.

Great freeride and carving attributes.

Add a little looseness.

126 x 37, 126 x 37 (kids and girls), 132 x 39, 138 x 41 and 148 x 46cm.
Royal One 32

Kiteworld Mag Issue #35

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Royal One 32
Royal One 32
Royal One 32
Royal One 32
Royal One 32

Added: 2008-10-09

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