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Resin8 Tokoro 6'3" MIni Gun (2010)

Wade Tokoro has been making sticks for the last 22 years for riders such as Jamie O'Brien, Bruce Irons, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and more. The 6'3'' steps up as an all-round high-performance mini gun with a pulled-in tail and nose, thin, tucked rails and a single to double concave.
Don't leave this board lying around on the beach in any breeze or it'll be rolling away from you before you know it. It's so light and your new special purchase wasn't made for that kind of abuse. Save it for the waves. The quality of the finish is second-to-none.
Extremely light construction, it's incredibly thin with solid PVC rails and has been vacuum-bagged rather than given a regular glass lay-up for strength. FCS system fins are the most widely available spares and can be found across the world, so if you do break them you should be able to relatively easily find replacements.
Pick it up and hold it in your hands and you get the impression you're looking at a full-blown big kahuna 'adult' surfboard. The outline looks much more gunny than we're used to in kite surfboards up to now; there's a rounded pin-tail and it's extremely thin. Even from the first time you sail it out it's obvious how sensitive it is to foot placement. This isn't a board aimed at first-time surfboard riders. You can't just jump on it and stick your size tens anywhere and expect it to go. Yes, it's long at 6'3'', but it's narrow and tuned and isn't the easiest board to learn to gybe on. This is a board for someone with real ambition to make some serious turns and
to throw some spray.
The lightness and stiffness along with the concave get it up and going quickly. It's effortless under the right feet. While it may be a bit technical to sail out to sea on, once you've adapted to it it feels like Michael J Fox's hover board; moving incredibly smoothly over and through chop, doesn't stick to anything and seems to dance around lumps and bumps. On a wave it's incredible. Guns are designed to take-off on super steep sections and then be pointed at a barrel. Being thin and narrow it feels quite directional, which is why it rides so well with a kite, but it can also just stand in the middle of a wave. The rail thickness and drawn-in tail combined with the concave mean it's happiest in the critical part of the wave. As soon as you get on the wave it comes alive; it's so quick. Beautifully responsive in the tail, the concave makes it fast and the thin, tucked rails make it easy to do big, progressive turns. Although a stubbier, wider board would be good for quick turns, this will drive and drive and get you to the top of the wave still carrying a lot of power. It's not the snappiest because of the long, narrow shape, but it will still hitthe-lip and snap well.
The 6'3''s strength is undoubtedly in the quality of the turn. After a few weeks on this good riders will be absolutely ripping in places where they might usually struggle to get round bigger sections on bottom turns. The long, progressive, powerful, driving carves are incredible. But this board presents the age-old problem of strength and stiffness versus a super-light and responsive construction that won't last as long. It is light and thin and we haven't used it long enough to know how long it will last, but if you're really worried about that, then you're probably not at the right level for this particular board anyway. It's very special, needs love and to be kept off stoney beaches (whoops!). It is light and, as kiters, we do ride a board more than surfers, so we recommend sticking a deck pad on for extra support on the deck. (Check Most Wanted this issue for details of Resin8 boards coming out with inserts for straps!)
KW LIKED: The intuitive, effortless nature and incredible progressive carves.
KW WOULD CHANGE: The shoulder-high mush we had it out in; it's worthy of so
much more.
SIZES: 7'2'' x 18 1/8'' / 6'8'' x 18 ?'' / 6'4'' x 18 ?'' / 6'3'' x 18 ?''
www.resin8usa.com / www.resin8.com.au

This test is inissue #42

Added: 2010-01-25

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