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Real Triple SBuy NowTRIPLE S
BY: Real Kiteboarding
RUNNING TIME: Approximately 40 minutes plus more bonus material than the stopwatch could cope with!
WORDS: Seb Hempstead

Triple S - Surf, Slicks and Sliders ? the concept is a new free ride format competition with no timed heats and the riders being judged on who can throw down the best moves and riding over a period of days, not minutes. The riding is based around Cape Hatteras, though the Real Slider Park seems to be the scene of most of the action.
The tricks are fast and furious and the soundtrack is, for me, a foot tapping, head noddin' relief from the normal hard-ass thrash that's made me turn the volume down on many a DVD. I liked the concept of a free format competition and was relishing the prospect of watching great riders give it their all on the flat, the sliders and on the surf.
Cutting between slider action and freestyle hardcore, Triple S is well put together and offers up super cool riders like Jason Slezak, Dimitri Maramenides, Moe Gould, Susi Mai, Shannon Best and Andre Philip to name but a few. From ringside seats we get to see the best that each rider had to offer over the invitational, as well as funky interludes and the section you know you'll watch again and again - the wipe outs.
The US is known for its extra large portions and Triple S delivers - there's a lot on offer here outside of the main feature. There's an instructional section with hints and tips from all of the starring riders on everything from creating pop, to riding blind, to riding sliders, to bow vs C kites ? phew ? and then there's more, including hurricane Florence surf action. You couldn't ask for much more in the way of extras!
Where Triple S fell a little short for me, though, was that I felt a bit short-changed by the word 'Triple' in the title for the main feature. There was nothing wrong with the slider action ? hard, fast, stylish and great watching. The flat water riding show was rammed with a good mix of nice, big boosted tricks and low level wake-style manoeuvres being thrown down with more gusto and guts than a matador in a room full of bulls. But I was here for the club sandwich ? and the 'surf' in my Triple S sandwich was a little too thin for me.
All in all, whether you play and replay this DVD is going to be decided by what turns you on. Triple S delivers a wedge of wake-style, slider and freestyle action to your screen; rev up your 4x4, get the pizza in and crack open a can of Bud. If you're even close to being tempted by slider action, this DVD will have you out back with a jig-saw, hammer and nails wherever you are. If getting busy with a bit of timber hadn't crossed your mind yet then Triple S may well get you thinking...


Real Triple S was featured in Issue #25.

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Added: 2008-09-17

Category: Gear

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