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RUNNING TIME ? Approximately 70 minutes plus about 30 bonus minutes, including a grab tutorial with Jason Slezak
WORDS ? Jim Gaunt
If you've just nailed upwind riding, then grab a beer, sit back and treat yourself to a smug grin. Then reach for the third in Real Kiteboarding's DVD series, Joyride, and get ready for your kiting world to open up. This DVD is all about polishing your riding, handling more power, how to ride in a crowd, riding with style, jumping and learning some early tricks. It's also about looking at continuing your kiteboarding development and understanding of different kit design and styles.
Based in Cape Hatteras, the Real team of instructors get to kite and teach every day. Their delivery of information and understanding is honed, easy to understand, and they really know how best to take you through some of the more intricate elements in kiteboarding, instilling a lot of confidence along the way.
Use of multi-angles and freeze-frame analysis accompanying the commentary is really helpful for grasping the physics of what actually happens to a kite when, for example, you go for a jump.
There's lots of useful information imparted in a rapid and entertaining way throughout. The 'riding' section is all about launching and landing, stance review, riding faster and riding in a crowd. Even boat launches and landings are included... well, they did find themselves having to do it pretty often, I guess, as they were filming from a fleet of yachts in the British Virgin Islands. I've always wondered what boat launching and landings would be like; I also wonder if I'll ever get the chance to find out. Here's to hoping. Lots more useful techniques covered in this section too, such as riding faster, powerful turns and down loop turns.
'The best thing about kiteboarding is airing it out!' enthuses video instructor Matt Nuzzo in the jumping section. 'If you're intimidated by getting high and not knowing how to get down, we're here to sort that out!'
The TV show format DVD, complete with intros, rider interviews and kit education sections also incorporates a trick section, covering boosting grabs, load and pop grabs, back rolls, front rolls with a stable kite, spins with boost, 360 back spin and an introduction to unhooked tricks.
Joyride is well paced and crammed with information; I wish I'd had a DVD like this to watch when I was trying to figure out my basic riding skills. Would have saved a lot of time. Alongside the spotless skills of Sam Bell and Jason Slezak were what looked like riders who had only just cracked the tricks they were demonstrating. While this may be encouraging, one of my only criticisms would be that more footage of people performing the trick perfectly can only lead to a deeper understanding of what we're actually all trying to achieve while we're swinging from the strings.
But my only gripe is soon forgiven as I have a new set of phrases to dish out:
Apparently 'no edge = yard sale!', and 'cock blocking' is something no one should be caught doing, ever. You just gotta love the old American phrase book sometimes!

Real Joyride was featured in Issue #23.
Click here to watch a clip of this DVD
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Added: 2008-09-17

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