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Not one of the most recently released films in this review, but Play's freshness makes it absolutely deserving of a mention. Takoon filmed their riders as they made their way around the world throughout the year and put together a really well thought out, good-feeling, travel and lifestyle movie. Available in French and with English subtitles, the riders talk of their experiences of some of the places they went to (including getting held at gun point on the beach by the Sri Lankan army), before introducing the fantastic and ambient action sections of the film. The whole Takoon team are well represented in the movie, and it's not everyday you get a film with Herve Boure and Franz Olry riding un-crowded peeling waves and playing major parts. This movie is about a group of friends, was made with the original kiting spirit, and has a little bit of everything.

RUNNING TIME: 61 minutes
FEATURED RIDERS: Franz Olry, Herve Boure, Luciano Gonzales, Marc Gondard, Melvin Deleon, Tuva Jansen, Daphne Laliberte, local heroes and frien
FEATURED SPOTS: Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Peru, Brazil, Hawaii, Yemen, Morocco, France
SOUNDTRACK: Serafin, Mig, Pash Airlines, Blown, Elvis Martinez, Wendy Days, Nefesh, DJ Truck, Lucas Reboul, Romain Quartier, Storyboard, Count Indigo, Fleshies, Absolute, April March, AS Dragon
BONUS SECTIONS: An advert for Christoph Tasti's new film with plenty of French humour and a special Stance magazine instructional section.

Play 04 was featured in Issue #13.

Added: 2008-09-22

Category: Gear

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