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Peter Lynn Venom 2 13m (2006)

If you've never flown an arc design before you'll be pleasantly surprised. This kite really can fly itself. We still can't quite get our heads round how good that is. Think of all the times your kite runs away from you when you let go of the bar! This just drifts back up to the zenith. Safe, stable and smooth, the only downside was the self-launching. It has a tendency to swing to the back of the window and then shoot up. Need a bit of practice to get this right.
The Venom is Peter Lynn's latest twin skin kite. Programmed for all-round performance that will keep you progressing, it's ideal for waves or wake-style, kite loops and handle-passes, huge floaty jumps and soft landings. Driving well to the edge of the window, this kite cranks upwind and has exceptional depower for gusty winds.
NEAL: It's classic! Sit there on the beach waiting for it to fill with air rather than pumping your brains out. Two or three
minutes to set up and you're off.
WILL: It was a big surprise for me. I've always been an LEI fan, but this flies well, has a nice kite loop, gentle flowing power and it's pleasant riding unhooked. It pulls really steady, flies really far to the edge of the window so it flies upwind. The only bad points are with the steering. There's a slight delay as you pull; it seems to argue for a second in a kind of jellyfish dance, and then turns.
NEAL: But the massive thing about this kite is this ability to automatically take itself to the top of the window.
GEORGE: That's amazing. The bloody thing actually flies itself. I walked up and down the beach for literally ten minutes and didn't touch the bar once! That is an amazing feature for beginners.
NEAL: I'm sure it's because that foil doesn't have the weight imbalance that the inflated leading edge has, where one side will always keep falling. It seems it's a straightforward effect of gravity. When the kite's over to the right, the outside line on
the left will pull harder and take the kite up. An LEI doesn't do that.
GEORGE: It will never overfly, it is so stable. I unhooked on the beach and yanked the bar down from above my head
to the floor, and the kite merely wobbled rather than being pumped beyond the apex and out of the window. I ran down the
beach and it just stayed with me - a great characteristic for intermediate wave riding.
NEAL: The bar is lacking a fifth line. It's got a re-ride system which is perfectly good, but you don't like having to swim up the lines to get back to the bar. You even get 10 - 15 minutes before the kite will sink in the water. All those sealed foils are good like that. It won't pop either if you crash it. It's robust.
8, 10, 13, 16 and 19m

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Added: 2008-08-01

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