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Ozone Instinct Sport (2007)

The Sport is an incredibly user-friendly kite that really performs as a free-ride kite but at the same time feels very safe, which motivates you to try things on it; sheet out and you can lose almost all of the power. A very smooth flyer that you can apply to any riding style. It may take some time to get used to the light bar pressure, but it's just so easy to control. Everyone wanted to go back out on this kite.

The Sport is the second generation of the Instinct series, and represents the ultimate kite for all riders, in all conditions. The Instinct Sport is a refined and rebuilt version of its predecessor. The overall weight has dropped, the number of struts has gone from seven to five, but it still maintains stability. A new plan-form and reshaped leading-edge and wing-tips all add to a more powerful and faster-turning kite that still excels unhooked, still loves the gusts and has got its huge 'one kite' wind-range. Again, no pulleys equals more direct tip steering and that good old Ozone feel.

Solid and looks the business. The bar is nicely finished with a really good depower cleat system above the bar. This is actually higher than usual, but there's a depower cord extension anchored within easy reach. You never have to untangle it and it's so easy to tweak. Nice webbing adjusters at the end of the bar to fine tune your line lengths; much better than messing around tying knots in the leaders.
TIM: Nice, simple bar and line set-up with a comfortable, tapered grip on the bar - and the kite has a lovely feel out on the water. The only thing that lets this system down is the safety/fifth line ? I'd prefer it to come down through the bar, so you don't have to have your leash swinging about above and in front of you if you don't want to use the suicide set-up.
ALEX: The steering is amazingly smooth, just like silk; direct and sure with no steering delay, and no bow-kite symptoms. TIM: I took to this kite straight away. I like the solid pull and easy-handling. It is great for nice, mellow jumps providing plenty of air-time to sort out your tricks and still nail the landing. It is also incredibly stable. After wipingout it just sits there in the perfect position for relaunch.
WILL: I did my biggest jumps on that kite yesterday. The depower range is huge, you can really control the power; and when you want to jump, just sheet in and you've got full-power and can boost really high. It is responsive, fast and with all that depower I got away with some things I should have been clobbered by. With very little bar pressure you can virtually fly the bar with one finger. Yeah it's easy on the arms but I couldn't always feel where the kite was. Unhooked, all the power comes from the centre of the bar with no pressure on the outside lines. You just need to trim the outside lines and find the sweet spot, though.

7, 9, 11, 13 and 15m

Ozone Instinct Sport 9m (Aug/Sep 07: Issue #28 Kite Test)


Ozone Instinct Sport
Ozone Instinct Sport
Ozone Instinct Sport

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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