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Ozone Instinct Light 9m (2008)

The Instinct Light is Ozone's low-aspect-ratio 5-line flat kite with one-pump and three struts. It's ultra-light in weight, affordable and ideal for anyone new to kiting. Constructed using exactly the same materials as the other kites in the Instinct range, it's not 'light' in strength or durability. For more details, see this section on the Ozone Instinct Edge 2.

NEAL: This is a chunkier, slightly wider strutted, wider leading edged more low aspect version of the Edge and I liked it as soon as I got on it. There is more back line pressure which gives you a good feel of what the kite is doing and where it is in the sky. You can control the depower in the kite immediately and very directly in a very hybrid-like way, getting the canopy to flutter when sheeted right out. Needless to say the depower is almost complete when you let the bar go. As with anyhybrid, when the kite is depowered it doesn't turn so directly, but when sheeted in it has a really nice feel about the turning; it's direct and rapid. Very easy to achieve top performance. This seems a much more basic animal to the Edge, but on the water it flies quickly, goes upwind very well and you'll get some good jumps on it.
WILL: Immediately you feel very safe on this, although to be really safe as a beginner you'd have to attach your leash above the depower cleat. However, as we said there's so much depower in the kite when you let go of the bar. I felt I wanted to pull more on the bar though, not as good as the Edge for jumping, but really comfortable to fly in these strong, and at times gusty, winds. It coped almost effortlessly. You can really depower it and still have loads of control through the bar. The tip-to-tip bridal is unique and really holds the kite's shape, just make sure you read the instructions before undoing any bits, but I'm nit-picking really.

A tidy little unit. For beginners it's got everything ? is stable, simple, has loads of depower and is quick to relaunch ? and for better riders it's quick, great in high winds and has good, quick direct steering through the bar. The smaller sizes must get you out in howling winds!

3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 14m

Ozone - Instint light - riding



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Ozone - Instint light - riding
Ozone - Instint light - sky
Ozone - Instint light - bar
Ozone - Instint light
Ozone - Instint light
Ozone - Instint light
Ozone - Instint light - bag
Ozone - Instint light - bag

Added: 2008-08-01

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