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Ozone Instinct Edge 9m (2008)

The Ozone Instinct Edge 2 is a high-aspect-ratio 5-line flat kite with one-pump and seven struts. It's Ozone's high performer designed to let you rip fast and send you into orbit! Light aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads keep weight off the leading edge, a narrow optimally designed diameter leading edge tube and struts provide a strong structure and less 'parasitic drag' as the kite cuts through the air. New tip shapes are for a faster turn and also to give a more constant pressure throughout the depower range. There are no pulleys in the kite or the bar, and a 2:1 depower trim strap gives each model a constant feel from normal trim to full depower using the smooth clam-cleat trimmer strap. Basically, Ozone claim to have used the world's finest material selection without compromise, giving you peace of mind in buying into a quality manufactured product that will last. Not only that, the Instinct 08 models are a dream to re-launch; just turn the bar fully to one side and the kite rolls over on to its tip. The rider can either re-launch immediately with the kite downwind and depowered or allow the kite to work its way to the edge of the wind window.

First impressions were focussed on the bar ? it's very long, but this year they have a one size fits all. Just ride with your hands close to the centre of the bar, and even though I'm used to smaller bars, after a few runs I'd got used to this because the kite is so nice. Nice, solid partly moulded chickenloop, too.
NEAL: The fixtures and fittings are superb. Top construction, solid one-pump and there's even aerodynamic webbing over the valves and back line adjusters at the ends of the bar. As soon as the kite goes up you realise how silky smooth and stable it is. There's very little bridling on the kite, however there is a line going from back tip to back tip that is also linked to the 5th line in the middle. This not only maintains the kite's shape, but also stops it rolling over when in the water.
WILL: The depower is lovely. The depower system has three balls on for grip and the strap is long and amazingly smooth and easy to lock in and out. Doesn't slip an inch and you don't have to really pull on it to release it from the cleat. The smoothest I've ever used, for sure.
NEAL: The struts are very thin and the kite is extremely quick and nimble Really responsive on power delivery ? a very controlled foil. No yanking, just smooth.
WILL: It looks very high-aspect and there's nearly zero bar pressure, but it's really nice to steer ? light, fast and responsive. Only little movements are needed. It whips smoothly through the window. It's not so fast that it scares you, but it's great for boosting. This is really effortless kitesurfing. Almost just like riding without the forces of a kite on your body.
NEAL: I don't think this is a beginner or particularly early intermediate kite as it is so quick and the bar pressure is so light. Anyone with good kite flying skills and looking to treat themselves with a really all-round high-performing, smooth, easy-to-use topof- the-range model should have a go on one of these.

From the quality of the bag (and the fact there's a second one inside that's even easier to get the kite in and out of every day) to the ease of pumping, the fixtures and fittings to the incredible all-round performance, this really is at the aspirational end of kite manufacturing. There are no better words to describe this kite than smooth, quick and able. This would be Magnum P.I.'s kite.

7, 9, 11 and 13m

Ozone - Instint Edge


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Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge
Ozone - Instint Edge

Added: 2008-08-01

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