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Ozone Frenzy FYXOzone introduced the leash-less re-ride system in 2005 and have given it a redesign this year to compliment the new Frenzy FYX. The patent pending system is simpler and more effective whilst being easier to reload once activated. Ozone snowkite designer Robbie Whittall is one of the most active snowkiters in the world has brain stormed many new ideas for the FYX. The Frenzy has been the benchmark for depower foils design since 2001, and after yet another year of development, the FYX combines performance and ease-of-use like never before. A very fast turning radius makes it perfect for climbing mountains, the Ozone Speed System with a double pulley on each side allows the angle-of-attack to be changed minutely which results in the smoothest progression, from full power to full depower. An X-line anti-tangle system takes care of the bridles while the balance of the overall design is what makes the mid-aspect FYX such a design success with unbeatable stability, turning speed, low end power and impressive depower. Finishing off the package nicely is a large backcountry back-pack. Spot on.
At the wetter end of things, check out Ozone's new wet bag ? big enough to swallow up your wetsuit, harness and bar. No more dripping.
Ozone Frenzy FYX


The Ozone Frenzy FYX featured in Most Wanted Issue #35

Added: 2008-09-01

Category: Gear

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