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Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion (2008)

The Zen twin-tip is a wake-influenced freestyle board designed for kiting. Built for those aggressive riders who know how to power a board up and require a stable platform to initiate tricks and stomp landings. A stepped three-layer midsection delivers tip-to-tail flex while allowing toe roll 'twist', increasing edge control. Duraclear top and bottom sheets ensure the board is as tough as can be to take the hits. Two millimetre ABS side-walls and multi-laminate wood 'shock' core snowboard style construction further beefs things up. The X-Torsion technology's tipto- tail flex combined with side-to-side torsion strength delivers unprecedented edge control and pop!
NEAL: I was really impressed when I picked this board up on the first day. The fixtures and fittings are easy to put together and the straps are a doddle to adjust. I'd have preferred a thicker pad on such an aggressive freestyle board, especially as the board is very stiff and responsive. On the flip side, these pads are absolutely perfect for wearing boots with...which is very rare. A slightly less stiff strap would finish it off nicely for me.
CHRIS: Extremely tough though, and light with it. There's a slight concave and it's got a good- looking outline. Solid base to perform on and looks clean and simple.
NEAL: It deals with chop and gusts well, and despite its size, certainly doesn't lack get up and go. The combo of pads and stiffness was a bit much for my ankles today after going for a few things...having said that, those are some long lasting pads.
WILL: Super-quick acceleration, which is what you want from a freestyle board to give you the option of getting into your tricks straight away. Really quick and easy to control your speed on and you can feel absolutely everything through the board, which is possibly why they've opted for the thinner pads.
CHRIS: The board is light and quick and the progressive rocker line makes it easier to ride than high level boards often can be. Very stiff with little variation throughout so it's easy to ride very fast. Goes upwind very well and pops well. For a top level performance board, this is quite a simple, uncomplicated ride. I really enjoyed smacking waves with the rigidity on the back foot, which doesn't sap any speed. I am surprised how good this is in choppy conditions given its freestyle pedigree.
WILL: The acrylic grips are nicely worked in around the edge for carrying the board and board-offs and don't stand out too obviously aesthetically. Construction is very good and any intermediate to advanced rider would be happy with this and could rest easy in the knowledge that they'll have to go some to damage it!
Don't be put off buying a top level high-performance board if you're only an intermediate rider. The Zen has all the attributes improving riders look for, including quick planing, handling of speed, upwind ability and durability, but also has enough pop and flare for freestylers. Only let down by thin pads if you have weaker ankles, but you can easily just slap some more on.
129 x 39cm
135 x 37cm
135 x 43cm
Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion

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Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion
Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion

Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion

Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion

Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion

Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion

Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion

Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion

Added: 2008-08-01

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