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Ocean Rodeo Razor 9m (2012)


Incredible hooked and unhooked Freestyle and Surf Performance! The 4 strut Razor offers riders explosive power, ultra aggressive feel and the most power per square meter of any kite in our line up. The Razor sits deep for continued pull through transitions and down wind, built for twin tip riders who like to ride lit up and surfers who like to charge the line hooked in. FST Wingtip Technology adds even better bar feedback, steering control and wind range to this year's Razor. All 2012 kites fly perfectly with any of our 3 bars, Freeride, Fusion or Freestyle and all kites feature our unique Direct De-power System, designed to fully roll over and disable your kite in the event of an eject or total depower.


This may sound odd, but when you look up at as many kites as we do, the first thing we all thought when we put the Razor up in the sky was how neat, tidy and good it looked shape-wise in the sky. In athletics you get all different types of athletes ? from the skinny, lanky long distance runners to the mega muscled, powerful sprinters. The Razor is more like a 400 metre runner ? well balanced in terms of profile and shape, it is able to run with the best of them over most distances. On close inspection you'll notice the protruding FST (forward swept) tips. The idea of these is to increase the size of the wing-tips for increased turning response and to move the tow point forward for greater wind range and depower, without affecting the aspect-ratio of the kite, so you still get a forward punching experience.

There's a fair bit of depth to the canopy and the Razor has lots of grunt down at the bar. The range is huge on the Fusion freeride bar (that we used) with under-the-bar trimming system. Sheet out and the kite depowers virtually 100%, sheet in and bang, there are a lot of beans to get you up and going and to play with. (Ocean Rodeo actually offer three different bar options, including the Freestyle bar with above-the-bar trim for those that prefer it, but does reduce some of the vast depowerability). You'll notice the unusual horn shape of the Fusion bar ? remember it's made by Ocean 'Rodeo' ? took us a while to figure that one out. You don't really notice any funky feeling at the bar, but it's shape seems to make sense, encouraging your hands into the middle of the bar, where they should be. The bar is very grippy and there's a self-righting system on the chicken-loop for when you're unhooked. One thing that needs mentioning is that the quick release activates very easily, but unless there's a demanding pull from the kite, the line doesn't tend to slide through super easily, at least on this new model. When the shit is hitting the fan though, the line activates and slides through up the safety line, rolling the kite onto its back. On the subject of when the kite's down, the Razor has a beautiful water relaunch, popping back up in seconds.

Performance-wise this kite is about as uncomplicated as it gets. As we said, there's power on tap and with one or two strokes you're up and away and can let the kite sit there, trimming as you need at the bar. But there's also a lovely manoeuvrability and balance in the Razor. Jumping-wise it doesn't take you on a mission to the moon, but does have a lovely combination of altitude, speed and distance and is simple to use by sending the kite over your head and pulling down on the bar. Unhooked it's very able, although you do have to trim it down quite a lot to get it set right ? as the kite has so much range, when you sheet in you affect the kite a lot, so to stop it flaring too much, you need to trim it. But it really does do everything well and you always feel a good connection with what the kite is doing. Off the hook there's plenty of pop and the Razor doesn't race out of the power but provides a good, steady pull when trimmed correctly. When you stuff up a trick it just sits patiently in the water waiting for you to get back to the bar and pops back up in an instant.

Ocean Rodeo are punting this as a freestyle wave kite. For freeride and freestyle it's more than capable. We didn't get to try it in waves, but the tunability of the kite, fast turns and depower would make it very useful.


The Razor is a super kite for all-round riding techniques. Quick agile and responsive, there's nothing sloppy in its handling, you can put the kite where you want it, when you want it and it's all very pleasant. Kite loops aren't too pivotal and you get a good tug, so it definitely ticks a lot of boxes for the rider that likes to do a bit of everything.


Sporty, good looks and high-energy performance for all riding styles.


The quick-release leash line is just a bit sticky under light load fresh out of the packet.


12, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 5m



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