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Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 (2009)

For six years the Mako has delivered performance to defy time. Designed for riders who like to carve hard and go big. The 140 x 40 'freeride' is new for 2009. Getting up and going with its generous 40cm width it offers less swing weight than the bigger shapes with its shorter length. The 150 x 34 'classic' is the original Mako and has been slimmed out in the rail for improved flex and carving. The Mako 'wide' 150 x 40 is Ocean Rodeo's most popular all-round board, excelling in all wind and water conditions ? the one board quiver for beginner to pro. All boards in the range feature Duraclear bottoms for extreme durability, tapered ABS rails to take the hits, rugged snowboard style construction, contoured 3D EVA foot pads for comfort and grip and G-10 fins. The main notable design feature is the massive concave in each board though.

One of the nicest elements about testing so much equipment is getting to see so much variety. Sure a twin-tip can be just a twin-tip, but there are many variables and we are surprised by how different some can feel and occasionally we get given something for which the designer has clearly been allowed to think outside of the box. It's not your average 135 x 40 with square tips, so hats off to Ocean Rodeo for producing something different to anything we've tested in at least the last year. They have been making this board line for some time, but we were still surprised when we saw the size of that concave; usually an indication of a board being very slow. You could attach this to the back of a tractor and happily plough up a field! And that single fin? This kiddy definitely likes to look different ? too brave or an absolute brain-wave in this day and age, though?
The oval shape is reminiscent of the lollipop boards that Franz Olry used to ride. The Mako has quite a flat rocker and not a lot of flex, which is how they've got the board to be fast in spite of all that concave. Going along it goes upwind very well and the first thing you notice is how soft the ride is ? yep, you've guess it; the concave - smoothing the bumps and chop. It's not crazy fast, but is fast enough. You can do a bit of freestyle with some technique, but we don't think that's where it's aimed. Changing direction was a bit strange at first, too. When you load up the back of the board and carve it feels very different to what we're used to with virtually every other twin-tip. The single fin is a very unique feeling for a twin-tip; not super grippy, but not overly loose at the same time. On a more traditional twin-tip when you get that edge digging in for the carve it can really slow you down. This on the other hand maintains some drive. Because of the concave, when you edge or turn you can do so with the board a bit flatter, which is why it holds its speed a bit more like a wave board. Unfortunately we didn't get to try this in waves, but based on our session, it should be fun. The pads and straps are quite solid, but they work well with the board because it's quite a soft ride. It's a bit like a car cruising up the motorway on cruise control. Great freeride board, and just different and you've got to get tuned into it... and forget about any wake-style business.

A good, rounded freeride twin-tip in absolutely bomb-proof construction. Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to, but if you're looking for an ocean cruiser this is really fun... just different.

The fact that the board will outlive you.

Make it a bit more freestyle-friendly.

150 x 40, 150 x 34 and 140 x 40cm

Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 Classic

This test is inissue #37

Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 Classic
Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 Classic
Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 Classic
Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 Classic
Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 Classic
Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 Classic

Added: 2009-03-03

Category: Gear

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