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North Kontact 6'2 (2011)

The Kontact is ideal for big, powerful waves or choppy water and high winds. A great weapon for advanced riders and those who love precise control. The Kontact is ideal for strapped riding and surfers looking for maximum control at high speeds. Long and narrow, the rounded pin tail rides low and smooth through the water. The thin, knifey rail line offers plenty of grip to drive off the bottom with seemingly limitless hold to grind through high speed top turns. The Kontact is designed around the premise that kiting allows you to ride with much more power than you ever would surfing and the Kontact is all about harnessing that energy and exploiting it. If you are looking to drive hard through high speed turns with tons of control in high winds and in big surf, the Kontact is the one and only!
First impressions are that it looks like the Kontact is going to go like a rocket. Long and narrow it also oozes quality with the bamboo construction and the reassuring weight towards the back makes it feel tough too. The deck pad is high quality without being too thick with tidy foot step at either end offering lots of grip for if you want to lose the straps. The straps themselves are asjustable with an inner pull-push strap system that works easily and are built for comfort with lots of placement options. On the water, the board doesn't feel as big as it looks, as it's fairly narrow width means it handles the windy lumps and bumps smoothly. Sitting nicely in the water it doesn't bounce and gets you back out to the line up as if you're being driven in a stately car. You immediately feel from the smoothness that it's going to be able to take whatever you can give it through the turns, though. In fact this board is all about driving turns. Performing better and better as the wind and waves get stronger and bigger, it never once loses grip. Although the rails are fairly thick, because it's quite thin, it's easy to get those rails engaged and biting hard. Not quite as throw-about as more rounded and thinner shapes, this one really excels in the big down-the-line stuff, which is when you want something reliable that won't let you down. If you get on the shoulder, the wind lulls and you think you might not make it around a section, you can just apply front foot pressure and the board responds with loads of acceleration and speed. The stiff tail combined with the tri fin set-up allow for really aggressive turns with good amounts of snap, making for rainbow spray all over the wave.
Perhaps not the easiest to learn to gybe on being quite narrow, or for sliding out and smacking up the small stuff, this is a strong, well constructed, nononsense weapon to be relied upon in serious conditions. Every hunter needs a good weapon, like every statesman needs a bulletproof getaway car. This is suitable for both.
Complete faith in its ability when the waves get over head.
It's not heavy, it's got some weight to it though but that also keeps it steady and gives you peace of mind when it gets washed up the beach.

6'2 x 17.5'', 6'0 x 17.25'' and 5'10 x 17''



This test is inissue #50

north kontact
north kontact
north kontact
north kontact

Added: 2011-03-24

Category: Gear

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