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North Vegas 9m (2008)

As progressive freestyle kiteboarding evolves, the Vegas adapts and conquers! The '08 Vegas is a high depower C-design tuned for direct bar feel and constant power to give you confidence when loading up, unhooking and throwing powered tricks and jumps. Smooth, reactive steering gives the kite a very lively and crisp feel and also makes the Vegas perfect for kite-loops. 5th Element safety lets you go for glory with peace of mind while the Vegas' quick, easy re-launch gets you back up and riding hassle-free after a wipe-out. In '08 the Vegas easily lives up to its reputation as the definitive freestyle kite with robust construction and unmistakable style.

I had a session on that a while ago in strong winds and it was awesome. It loops really fast, when you find the sweet spot it's really nice; sheet out too much and you can completely lose power.
MATT: It had massive depower, I'd say it's better than the 06 Vegas and that was a heroin C kite. People were going on about those for years. This nine metre was on a par with the Nemesis as my favourite kite today in these conditions as it was really nice unhooked.
OLI: I thought it was similar to the RRD with such direct steering.
MATT: I don't think it's a wave kite, but the RRD seemed like a wave kite to me. The Vegas is more like an unhooking go-for-it freestyle kite. It looked quite high aspect in the tips.
OLI: I'm not sure about having that micro-hook on the bar.
MATT: I think it works well. I guess you either love it or you hate it.
WILL: It's great for boosting airs and you can just twist the bar and it will pop out. It's just a technique you get used to, it's not good if you're over-powered and you start panicking and forgetting what you're meant to do! You can remove it easily, though.
MATT: The bar is really nice as well, it feels very light.
WILL: Do you think they are more powerful than '07?
MATT: The panels always stayed super tight on that kite, is an improvement on the '07 which I think would get a bit of flapping, but they've swept the wing tip back on the '08 model.
OLI: Everything always seems to last well on North kit, and this all looks very robust and on top of that it's very easy to use and the cleats are all smooth.
MATT: It's got a good chicken loop, the release is nice and simple. The kite just flew really fast with direct steering. I really liked it.

There's no doubt that the 06 Vegas was a classic with people still searching them out second hand as their preferred kite. All you die-hard 06 fans can now stop hunting out the old ones and go and bag yourself a shiny new one. The Vegas '08 is extremely fast and responsive, with good depower and excellent unhooked characteristics.

5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16m

North - Vegas


Kiteworld Mag Issue #31
This test is in issue #31

North - Vegas
North - Vegas
North - Vegas

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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