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North Vegas 9m (2007)

Another solid offering from North. They've always been on to a winner with the Vegas but some of the unforgettable 'zing' has gone from last year's model. Still a belting kite though, and few will notice anything missing.

Progressive looks, simplicity and performance come together in the all-new 2007 North Vegas. The Vegas emerges as a dedicated 5-line freestyle kite with precise turning and steady handling for powered new school moves. Direct bar feedback allows you to feel exactly where the kite is for maximum control when unhooking and jumping. Two pump simplicity and inflatable wing-tips get you on the water fast and packed up easy. Cam battens create an ultra-clean canopy entry and assist with the excellent depower range. North's patented 5th Element system provides safety and re-launch.

Looks like they've changed three things from last year. They've removed the battens in the tips and now have inflatable tips. Seems to have slowed things down a little, though. Secondly the fifth line attachment is now in a V attaching to two points on the leading edge instead of just one, meaning more support for the leading edge. The kite seemed more poised and with slightly better hang-time as there's no distortion of its shape. And finally the two-pump system. The idea is that if you get a puncture with a one pump system and haven't locked off each strut, the whole leading edge goes down. This system works a treat and is no problem. SHINN: Bit more fiddly than the simplicity of one pump, though.
NEAL: Straight out of the bag it flies perfectly. I still love the ability to tune the position of the stopper on the central line...
SHINN: ... but with three lines through the centre hole on the bar it makes me nervous about wear and durability.
NEAL: The power's ever so slightly off and on and a little spongey at the low end, experienced freestylers would notice a fractional delay in turning. But once the power's there the Vegas turns beautifully, hooked and unhooked.
SHINN: Yeah really good low bar pressure unhooked.
WILL: I found myself looping it twice at times before I knew what had happened, so it is definitely fast and you can really vary the rate it loops at, even halfway through, but a bit gutless I thought. Definitely a good high-wind kite.
SHINN: Smooth for loops but a little slower to climb back up through the window than some. Awesome depower and maintains its shape well throughout. Great freestyle kite but perhaps not quick enough to be a great wave kite for me.
WILL: I don't think you'd get spanked as hard on this as you might on some others.

7, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16m
North Vegas 9m (Appeared in Kiteworld in Apr/May 2007: Issue #26 - Super-C-kite Test)

This test is in issue #26

North Vegas
North Vegas
North Vegas

Added: 2007-05-31

Category: Gear

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