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North Kiteboarding Rhino Kite

North Rhino Kite
Clilck for the North Kiteboard
The North Rhino has always been synonymous with extreme power and big jumps and the '09 model is no exception.
Designed for jumping, racing and getting out in the lightest wind this year's brand new offering has the biggest low-end, best hang-time and best upwind speed of any kite in the North range. Less extreme sweep and a slightly flatter profile in the centre and tips contribute to better high-wind stability, less drag in over-powered conditions and smooth, responsive turning. Improved lift makes it easy to get big lofty jumps that are vertical and drag-free. The simplified Attack Control Bridle permits substantial changes in angle-of-attack (power/de-power) without any undesirable twists in kite geometry, resulting in a surprisingly crisp and responsive bar feel.
Additionally, the AC bridle allows you to fly the Rhino on five lines for maximum safety, or four lines without losing any performance. Although depower is not as instantaneous when the safety is engaged in four line mode, the AC bridle does allow the Rhino to flip onto its back and depower much like a 5th element, which North claim more than equals any other similar system currently on the market. In order to keep the Rhino as light as possible, lighter rip-stop material has been utilised in the canopy alongside their well-proven Snakeskin along the trailing edge.
Due to its new construction, the Rhino 09 can be flown in four and five line set-up. The improved Attack Bridle will assure that the kite can be made pressure-less within seconds but the manufacturers do implore you to be aware that the 5th Element solution is still the top choice for 100% safety. New Nylon Rings exchange the old pulleys, avoiding twisting and problems with sand, etc. Don't fear, we will be hanging off one soon and be bringing you our full review!
SIZES: 16, 14, 12, 10, 9 and 7m
North Rhino Kite

North Rhino Kite

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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