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North Phantom 155 (2008)

The Phantom has been built for outstanding light wind performance, super early planing, maximum performance and control, has medium to soft flex and is lightening quick. One of the secrets to the success of this range is the parabolic outline, giving you the longest possible water line, which ensures outstanding upwind performance and directional stability. The cutout tip shape reduces the wet area, lowers the friction and provides you with all the speed you can dream of. The rounded toe-side outline makes the board lively and is super for those full speed toe-side carves. The 2008 Phantoms are the most dynamically efficient shapes North have ever made. Try them and you will be blown away by their performance and ease-of-use!

Excellent toe-grips on the pads and very comfortable straps.
NEAL: Asymmetrical outline leaves you in no doubts this is for riding on the heel-side! The concave heel-side edge seems to be designed to just hold you to the water and a much shorter toe-side rail stops any splashing or tripping at speed.
JAMES: Good top end but needs more power to get it going. Definitely got good speed board qualities. Wants to go in a straight line as fast as possible.
NEAL: As soon as you get more powered-up the board just grips the water so nicely. I didn't get the sensation of speed though, but more that you could keep going faster and faster with more power and with the same feeling of complete comfort and confidence that you will not lose that rail even through big gusts or chop. Your top end might be more limited by the stamina in your legs than the board because that stability and
grip does transmit back to the rider.
PETE: Really slices through the water but I didn't think it was particularly comfortable riding along in toe-side, but switching to toeside or carving round to toe was very easy. Not a super-lightwind board.
NEAL: No, and it doesn't jump. It's just not designed to leave the water! I was surprised it wasn't a little stiffer to get going earlier, and in fact the front of the board visibly flexes with chop, but I think a stiffer board would develop the feeling that it was about to lose its edge a lot quicker at speed.
JAMES: No worries about the cornering either as the shorter toe-side rail actually carves round very nicely with no real feeling of less control, and with a little push it's not too hard to break the fins lose and switch to your heel-side edge on the new tack and race off again.

Powered up anyone with racing aspirations who doesn't have access to custom shapes or the budget to pay for
them will go far on one of these. If you live near a flat water lagoon and want to absolutely cain it, get one. Not a board for all-rounders nor particularly aimed at the lightest winds.

The ability to lock and load and just go faster and faster and faster.

Ability to get going quicker. Would also make it more allround, but then you wouldn't go as FAST!

135 x 36, 145 x 42 and 155 x 45cm.
North Phantom 155 (light wind) Kite Board

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North Phantom 155 (light wind) Kite Board
North Phantom 155 (light wind) Kite Board
North Phantom 155 (light wind) Kite Board
North Phantom 155 (light wind) Kite Board
North Phantom 155 (light wind) Kite Board
North Phantom 155 (light wind) Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

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