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North Dragon (2007)

The Dragon series is the all-round performer of the North board line. As in previous years, North believe that the 2007 Dragons are the easiest riding boards on the market. The series has evolved with better upwind ability and greater overall performance. All three sizes are designed to provide excellent all-round performance to meet the needs of any sized rider in all wind conditions.
As an intermediate board it's super-rigid.
GEORGE: Looks nice and durable. It's got a very uniform, rectangular outline, but is pulled in a lot at the ends. It's got the flex tips and the visible asymmetrical core shape that North have been using for a while with more flex on the toe-side, making it easier to ride toe-side. Pads and straps are good, easy to use and assemble.
CHRIS: Looks a little thicker ? 10mm rather than eight last year. That's probably why it's quite stiff, but it's standard. The core is very thick, but that will give you a bit more float.
GEORGE: All the extra thickness is under the heels where boards break and where you ride 99% of the time. They've beefed it up - everyone's trying kite-loops now so it needs to be stronger.
CHRIS: User-friendly rocker-line, it's not too flat. Three mm tips so there's flexibility for pop.
WILL: Nice board leash attachment if you need it.
GEORGE: It's quite a classic twin-tip shape; fast, controllable and easy to ride.
CHRIS: It's a good outline for kitesurfing that has been proven to work at this level.
WILL: It's not one of those really comfortable rides though, it's fairly hard but that means you can get a lot out of it trick-wise. Loads of pop but the narrowness also makes it a easy to ride on the sea, too.
CHRIS: There's nothing wrong with this board. It's a really good kitesurf board, but this outline has become slightly unfashionable, which is a shame. There's a lot of foam in there so it's tough and it does have some fashionable bits like the three mm tips. They'll sell loads of these if people aren't lured into buying the pro-model boards.
WILL: It's exciting. I was flying along and having a lot of fun on this board.
CHRIS: It's just an easy board to ride and try things on. You'd recommend it to an intermediate or beginner because there's no need to have the flatter rocker lines of the pro models that a lot of people buy, that just make a board more difficult to ride. You can't not recommend this to anybody. It's up-to-date in its technology, has a great shape, nice graphics, good foot pads, pro features like slim-tips, it's strong and it's got a nice rocker line, it doesn't splash you in the face, rides fast and has good fins. Top marks as an individual board. You won't need to replace it in two years. What more do you want?
WILL: Yeah good for freestyle and free-ride.
In terms of reliability, usability and performance, the Dragon range never fails to impress. Great all-rounder and carves well too for a board with such good, springy liveliness. This is a tough contender.
134 x 38cm
138 x 39cm
145 x 40cm


This test is in issue #26

North Dragon
North Dragon
North Dragon

Added: 2007-12-17

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