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North Cesar 132 (2008)

Renowned for being one of the most powerful riders on the world tour, Cesar Portas has contributed to developing a board that matches his explosive riding style, resulting in a fullblooded, new school weapon. After the success of the 2007 Cesar Pro, North fine-tuned the design to become even smoother and more agile, while keeping maximum pop and control to get the best performance possible for aggressive new school riding. Equipped with a flat rocker, hard flex and straight outline with a cut-in at the tip, a combination making for a board with explosive pop, bounce-free landings, early planing and great upwind performance. The tip shape with the cut-in allows the tail to sit deeper in the water, giving superior grip and control in rough conditions and provides maximum power when loading the board for pop.

Top pads and straps that fit nicely and the pads have lovely toe grabs. They are even nice and easy to attach and then get really tight. There are carbon stringers all the way up to tips and the base seems really tough. There's a really thick ABS rail on this ? must be 10mm in the middle that tapers to around 4mm in the tips. Aggressive looking freestyle outline and on the water it's fast with excellent grip. Loading up and launching is explosive, fun and the board feels solid underfoot.
NEAL: Yeah, I liked the toe-roll on the pads. The board felt pop-tastic ? this thing would go off anything. Maybe not as comfortable as some other boards as the pads are thinner, but the board is so nice underfoot, it just wants to tackle whatever lies in its path. The tips are very aggressive and they work. Just a joy board for an advanced rider and can cope with the chop, too. Top three board for that.
WILL: Really enjoyed that today. It's got mega pop, is stiff and therefore goes upwind really well. Straps really lock you in and you can feel every texture on the pad because the board is so stiff. This meant it wasn't the most comfortable in the chop, but the overall quality is really good and it's bombproof. You're not buying this for comfort; it's a freestyle monster. You sacrifice comfort for pop and you also get a really nice wide stance.
CHRIS: It likes being handled roughly and responds well requiring solid rear foot pressure to keep the nose above the chop. Although it dealt well with the conditions it would be more at home in the slick, like most boards that are this aggressive. Good fins. Good board. Very complete.

A solid, good looking freestyle board that just keeps rewarding good technique with insane performance. May be too technical for the intermediate rider to get on well with.

Superb high-performance.

Make a bigger size for bigger riders!

132 x 40cm.
North Cesar 132 Kite Board

This test is inissue #34

North Cesar 132 Kite Board
North Cesar 132 Kite Board
North Cesar 132 Kite Board
North Cesar 132 Kite Board
North Cesar 132 Kite Board
North Cesar 132 Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Gear

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