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North Cesar 132 2007 (2007)

The Cesar pro model emerges as a new school competition board designed to push the limits of freestyle performance and accommodate Cesar Portas's powerful riding style. The flat rocker and straight outline deliver maximum speed, grip and upwind performance. Stiff flex and wide tips create explosive pop for fast, precise take-offs and hot bounce-free landings, accommodating the most powered tricks. The tip wingers make the Cesar easy to control even in the strongest wind conditions. The Cesar is truly a nocompromise, total-performance, freestyle board aimed at powerful, aggressive riders.

Really stiff and aggressive.
GEORGE: Yeah it's a flat, full freestyle pop machine.
NEAL: It's a bigger board overall than the Jaime. The Cesar just comes in one size. The ride quality isn't the most comfortable, but load it up and you get insane pop and it takes the landings well. It seems that if a board is able to take the power to dish out the pop then it can take it for the landings. You could land at speed on that with confidence. GEORGE: If you decide you just want to do freestyle in not overly choppy conditions then this is a great option for the accomplished rider. It's good fun for tricks, but for just cruising around I'd choose something else.
NEAL: It's not aimed at cruising around. It actually isn't difficult to try freestyle on it with that amount of pop.
WILL: It planed really early, too. I remember getting up on it and thinking, 'Bloody hell!'. It's great for that ? you could get on a smaller kite.
GEORGE: It's not for everyone, though. This is their top of the range pro board.
NEAL: I think everything about it is good and exciting, but it's a little more technical to sail well when you aren't just trying to get pop.

The Cesar is a good example of how a pro model should be. It excels in all the right performance areas, giving great pop to give you the most boost for new school freestyle moves, while softening out even the harshest of landings. The price you pay for that performance is that it isn't the simplest board to cruise around on. If you're focussed on freestyle and put out a high rate of trick attempts per session, then this is a good choice.

132 x 40cm


This test is inissue #26

North Cesar 132
North Cesar 132
North Cesar 132

Added: 2007-12-17

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