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North Dyno 15M (2012)


The Dyno stretches the boundaries of what was thought to be possible with light wind inflatable kites. Utilising the highest quality, lightweight fabrics the Dyno flies in super light wind and
creates more efficient power than a heavier kite of equal size. The optimised canopy profile offers unparalleled upwind performance and superior low-end grunt for steady and predictable parked power that carries you through wind lulls. Besides the impressive light wind abilities, many of the Dyno's freeride attributes, such as steady bar feel, quick turning and generous depower, also make it the number one choice for North's world cup race team. With multiple world championship race titles to its name, the Dyno is clearly a highly competitive course racing kite, but it is also equally at home freeriding and boosting huge jumps. The Dyno is a four line kite with a fifth line ability.

First of all let's deal with the aesthetics. (We've dealt with the bar enough this year in other reviews ? the North system is exquisite, find more online at www.kiteworldmag.com/kitetests). This kite is in the absolute prime of its life in terms of looks. There's no hint of crows
feet developing when it squints into the light wind sunlight; it's like the canopy has been ironed on it remains so taut. A lot of delta type kites tend to be a bit floppy in the wing-tips in the bigger sizes, as if they're waving at you from upon high. The Dyno is a totally unique
shape and doesn't have any of that. It's superbly strong and more like a foil/wing in its shape that's then been turned into a C shaped kite rather than a delta or hybrid and it looks superb in the sky. Apart from North's obvious build quality and its splendid look overhead - and this might sound funny - but it felt like you'd imagine a kite to feel if you'd never flown one. There's no hint of back stall or any sort of funny behaviour at all, it just feels incredibly efficient at the bar, flies forward beautifully, is clearly very refined and balanced and is also light and responsive. The whole time you're flying it it just feels really efficient, quick and lively. It's air speed is rapid and it's obviously very highly tuned. What the Dyno doesn't have are the extra whispers of torque that kites two metres bigger than it have, but you can get going in exactly the same winds and instead have a lighter, faster and more manoeuvrable kite. You can fly this all day long without getting tired and it's obvious why its so revered as a racing kite with very progressive power and turning. Whatever you do with it, it just doesn't change its character. The power delivery is lovely and smooth, not on-off at all, just very progressive. The turning is also extremely predictable with feel throughout, there's loads of depower and a formidable low end. A couple of strokes through the window and you can really feel that the Dyno works through good design rather than just brute size. Add to that a superb single line pull water relaunch and this is a fantastic light wind machine.

If you want a kite with good light wind performance, with exceptional air and ground speed, that isn't tiring to use and with incredible build-quality, the Dyno is it. In terms of light wind racing, the quality input at the bar, the forward flying, the air speed... it's a no brainer. For an all-round, lively, smooth, balanced feel and what feels like the ultimate in aerofoil design, this is the best we've seen and you can't fail to be impressed.

Superb balance and poise ? the aerodynamic qualities on this kite and your connection to it are incredible. There's plenty of boost and power, but the connection and feel are the standout characteristics of this kite and everything falls into place performance-wise from there.
We'd add a one pump so we didn't have to
launch all our mates when they're ready before
us, and it could be just a bit better for unhooking
on. You can bust a few tricks out fine, but if you
cut and edge too aggressively it flies a bit too far
forwards and you lose the grunt.


17, 15, 13 and 10m


This test is
in issue #58

Added: 2012-07-02

Category: Gear

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