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Nomad Carbon Kevlar 135 (2011)


The carbon kevlar is Nomad's top-of-the-range twin-tip. This two kilo kiteboard is hand-made over a three day production period at Nomad's factory in Tarifa, Spain. The core and ABS profiles are produced using advanced CNC 3D shaping technology. Carbon kevlar offers unprecedented rail grip and an incredibly smooth ride while the flex pattern ensures weight and power are distributed along the full length of the working edge. Few other materials are as optically precise as carbon and, when combined with the high gloss finish, leaves no room for even the smallest error. Graphics are sublimated within the construction with colours and designs can be chosen by the customer.

After laminating, the board is wet sanded and epoxy coated several times before being ready for use. The manufacturing process requires patience and the utmost care, but the result is a kiteboard that is so light and robust, it's just pure joy. The ride characteristics are unbeatable and ten years spent listening to their loyal riders and clients and analysing their feedback has led Nomad to being able to customise each board to custom-suit rider's size and specific condition requirements.


We always look forward to getting Nomad boards in the office. Hand-built to super high-spec with the ultimate in carbon technology and custom finish know-how, buying one must be a special, personal experience, and best done with a visit to Simon's custom work shop in Tarifa (although it's not necessary). The finish is exquisite and you can choose from various options of how you'd like the board built and to what spec.

The board we had was 135 x 40.5cm, super thin, very light and well featured with nicely adjustable straps and soft but supportive pads. Nomad boards always require a small spanner or pliers to fit the pads, straps and handle as Simon inserts the screws through the bottom of the board for maximum strength and you screw the nut onto the screw that's fixed in the board, which is why you can see those inserts in the bottom of the board.

As usual this Nomad is extremely slick, looking like a super car of the kiteboard world. Simon reckons this board has been a test model for four months and had over a hundred people on it. You wouldn't know! It still looks spanking. This particular board is an absolute chop muncher, it's just very, very smooth. Incredibly so, in fact. Designed, built and tested in Tarifa, it has to be able to deal with the rough stuff. Not at all sluggish, as can sometimes be the case with a board that has so much built-in comfort, but wow, there's just such a fluid feeling under your feet. Not super-aggressive or feeling as if it's set on stiff suspension for hardcore freestyle, but absorbing, fast and beautifully comfortable. We had some incredible, powered-up sessions on sevens and nines, holding loads of power and then enjoying a lovely boost with such a light board on our feet. It's an absolute gem in terms of all-round freeride weaponry.

The Nomad charges upwind, carves with ease, gets up and going nicely and above all is super comfy and stable at speed. It has a bit of a magic carpet quality in whatever amount of chop you can throw at it. Light as a feather too, so is really easy on the old stomach muscles and super easy to manoeuvre back underneath you when you come into land or when doing tricks. Advanced riders might want a bit more of a dark side stiffness in terms of hardcore performance, more in line with the looks that this boards projects. But if they do, they can tune their order to their demands with Nomad. For everyone else, owning a board that's fit for the type of fast, freeride/freestyle that most of us want to do in our regular sessions, then owning a package that looks as rad as this, is spot on.


Silky smooth and incredibly fluid, the connection this board has as it cuts through the water is phenomenal. In terms of speed, handling and locked in comfort it just doesn't get much better. Hardcore freestylers and heavyweight riders should talk to Nomad about something a bit bigger/wider and stiffer.


Looking down at the water and realising it is actually very choppy, but feeling like we're riding on butter.


A bit more aggression for lots of new school powered tricks.


Custom made for your pleasure.


Added: 2011-11-16

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