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Nomad 136-Team series (2013)

Weighing just two kilos, the Team-series 12k Carbon is a lightweight platform designed for controlled cruising and premium carving. Each Nomad kiteboard is shaped on the computer with a tolerance of 1/100th of a millimetre, from the PVC core, foot-strap position to the fin placement. 12 years of custom board building experience with cutting edge knowledge has now been combined with Nomad's own in-house CNC-mill for the last five years, allowing them to perfectly craft the board's inner core, an extremely intricate method and combined with the 12k carbon and 200g Kevlar materials, allows for lighter glassing, producing a supremely light but robust kiteboard.
Each visit we make to Tarifa isn't complete without popping into Simon Nomad's custom board shop. Conditions in Tarifa are very 'real world' though and Simon manages to produce twin-tips that not only make the conditions feel better than they are, they also make you feel like a better rider; and so light you'll feel ten years younger. This 136 is a perfect example of that.
Simon puts aggressive graphics on all his models and uses 'freestyle', because, well, who wants to strut down the beach with the 'freeride' model? The pads in particular are very comfortable, not too soft or hard and have a nice toe-grip. The straps are nothing revolutionary, but are soft and sit so snugly over the top of the pad, there are no annoying gaps that you sometimes get with adjustable pads and they really tighten up for small feet, too. Nomad use their own unique method of strap/pad attachments using a bolt that is embedded into the board through the bottom, which you then slip the straps over and secure with a nut. As such the stance width is fixed in the optimum stance for each size/design of board. This 136 had a narrower stance than we're used to. It was comfortable, easy and cruisy, but if you have big freestyle intentions you'll want a wider option.

The tips are pulled in for comfortable carving and the flex pattern is ideal, increasing towards the tips; providing lots of energy in and around chop and good early planing while not being overly stiff and cumbersome. The ride is fast but really softens out the chop, there's no face spray whatsoever and there's just enough effort required to switch from heel-to-toe, yet enough grip for loads of drive and pop control... yet still loose enough to throw around. You can feel the kiteboarding shaping heritage.

Photo of Nomad 136-Team series (2013)  Photo of Nomad 136-Team series (2013)  Photo of Nomad 136-Team series (2013) 

Nomad know exactly how to tune their kiteboards for the required riding styles and conditions. This model is light, extremely nimble, gets up and going in a flash, dances effortlessly across the water and just loves a carve, helping you carry loads of speed on exit. It makes your day to day tricks easy and is more than capable of being loaded and popped harder and harder as you get better and the lightweight of the board in the air makes it so easy to tweak or throw around into position exactly as you wish.

Immense control at speed and lightweight energy in such an easy-to-use package. This is a kiteboarder's kiteboard, stacked with class and function over fashion.
As capable as this board is, we feel you'd start to grow out of it once you begin to appreciate a wider stance for your tricks, but Nomad will build exactly what you want.

SIZES: This one was 136 x 41. Nomad say it's their most popular freeride size, but you can customise it to how you like.

Build quality: 9.5
Fixtures and fittings: 9
Speed: 9
Pop: 7
Upwind: 8
Slider proof: 3
Freeriding: 9
Freestyle: 8
Ease-of-use: 9


Added: 2013-05-23

Category: Gear

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