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nobileThe Nobile Double Hydro-Dynamic boards (2HD) are
the next step in kiteboarding evolution. With a mix of
technological advances and a long experience in
creating high quality products, this project leaps
forward with Nobile's best facets of speed and
explosive pop already found in their boards. The
double-profiled bottom, along with a flat inside
profile, makes the board extremely fast thanks to
less water resistance and also increases longitudinal
stability. A deeper rocker increases versatility and
edge grip and also dramatically reduces unwanted
spray in choppy water. The 2HD is loaded with Nobile
pre-stress technology and explosive pop grover
technology for sky-high jumps.
SIZES: 137 x 44, 134 x 42 and 131 x 40m
The Nobile Wook skimboard is a new tool in their line.
Being a wooden version means that it has more wavenobile
ability thanks to pre-stress tech, making the board
livelier and more reactive. The Wook also features a
skate-style foil on the deck for better grip with your
feet. The perfect weapon for fun in water parks, three
sizes dictate each model's characteristics: the Skim
Waves will have you snapping around the lip in notime,
the Hybrid is the mid-sized board for extended
fun and the Standard is an all-round Airex skim.
All three can be ridden with or without fins and have 3-D finger
grips. All fun and offer the ultimate in light wind performance.
SIZES: 154 x 47, 139 x 47 and 130 x 49.5cm

Added: 2011-04-28

Category: Gear

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