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Nobile Skimboard (2008)

18 months ago Nobile launched the world's first kite-specific skimboard. For 2008 Nobile has maintained the shape that made kite skimboarding accessible for everyone but has added a textured UV stable top sheet. This not only maintains the good looks of your board over time but provides a non-slip surface that is both easy to hold and gives extra traction should your feet be off the pads at any time. Designed to be an inexpensive addition to your board bag that adds to your time on the water by working on the days when you wouldn't normally be able to ride, the parallel sided outline and optional fins enable better tracking and more stable riding whilst still maintaining a free and loose feel. Ride without fins for a skatier feel and the ability to ride in incredibly shallow water!
Highly addictive. Surprised how well it went upwind today.
JAMES: Probably best board for getting going in hardly any wind. Good fun not having any straps and it's good to try something different.
Gets going super-early and just brings a smile to your face ? mainly because I haven't fallen off so many times in a row trying new stuff for ages! Pick it up quickly, though.
Yeah, it's a new challenge, improves your balance and is a good intro to strapless wave riding.
This would be my flat water toy of choice not being an avid freestlyer, and it definitely brings some 'surfboard' practice for those flat days. If you can gybe and spin and pass on one of these you can do it on any surfboard!
Really good fun and you can always try something because you're not restricted and not strapped to the board. Small waves and big surfboards don't seem to match. This would be great for slidey, slashy, skatey wave fun. Doesn't carve but it's good that you can ride it both ways. Well finished package.
PETE: I actually love the pink. It stands out in the water. Really good sharp rails for grip, so it does perform quite easily and will hold in chop rather than slide out like nonkite- specific skimboards.
The rails are super-sharp from the press moulding, and given we're aiming for summer lightwind days in shorts, I think I'd sand them off a bit before tempting my shins on any shuvits and transitions!
You can put your edge in and really crank upwind and then flatten off to do any tricks. Behaves like a
skateboard and is really stable flat. Riding strapless isn't as hard as people think in the right conditions. If you ride it for the first time in choppy water you might struggle, but otherwise on flat water you'll pick it up in no time.
An absolute giggle from the start and brings a new challenge to your kiting. If you're a fairly good rider and find flat water and light wind a bit boring, you need one of these in your quiver. Strong, fun and easy to ride this is a light wind machine. In fact, rather than putting this away when the wind gets up, you'll find yourself reaching for your smaller kite.
Addictive trickery and absolute light wind fun.
Really sharp rails, but that's where the grip comes from.
130 x 50.5cm.
Nobile Skimboard (light wind) Kite Board

Nobile Skimboard (light wind) Kite Board
Nobile Skimboard (light wind) Kite Board

Nobile Skimboard (light wind) Kite Board

Nobile Skimboard (light wind) Kite Board

Nobile Skimboard (light wind) Kite Board

Added: 2008-10-09

Category: Gear

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