Nobile NHP Split 138

Nobile NHP Split


Nobile’s unique W-connection system allows the board to split and connect in literally just a few seconds. The system provides a strong connection and offers premium durability without changing the performance of the board. Like the regular 2015 NHP the NHP Split has a fresh outline for increased comfort as well as maximum response. Designed as an all-rounder for no compromise riding but retaining lots of under-friendliness, the split has a slightly softer flex than the NHP, bringing bundles of pop, comfort and grip to the party on flat or choppy waters.

The NHP carbon split is a top-quality, light weight product offering unconventional, quality design with all the features of the NHP model.


Apart from when fitting your footstraps, you won’t need a screwdriver to assemble your NHP. The W-connection sees the board slot together and then a securing pin pushes in from near the rail, the fins have a quick key fin bolt and then you’re done! The light weight of the Nobile is very noticeable – and we tried the carbon one in the 134 size and it’s even lighter than this regular NHP, which certainly isn’t noticeably heavy. The NHP has a more freeride outline and is asymmetric with a longer heel edge than toe-edge, to make toe-side riding easier on the legs. It also bangs upwind on that longer heelside edge. We also found some nice waves, and on the toe-side this board was one of the most fun and easy to charge around on in waves than we’ve been on in a while. There are no channels in the bottom, but there’s plenty of grip and the Nobile is very lively underfoot. It’s easy to generate speed because it’s light, there’s enough stiffness to feel alive and yet enough rocker and flex to make it very easy to find all the control you’re looking for.

As a board set up for beginner and intermediate travellers we were struggling to find much we could change in terms of the board achieving all that it’s supposed to. We were riding with wetsuit boots and still got plenty of feedback from the board as the pads are comfortable and ergonomic.


If you’re looking to travel light and sacrifice nothing in your freeriding then the Nobile ticks all the boxes. It’s an excellent all round ride and sets the bar very high in split board technology manufacturing. We would happily use this on a very regular basis.


The ease of connection and ride quality leaving you unable to notice that you’re riding a board that actually splits into two pieces.


Aggressive freestylers will want something stiffer.

SIZES: 138 x 43, 134 x 41 and 130 x 39cm
A black carbon model is also available in the 138 and 134 sizes.

More info at:

Here’s the official NHP W-Connection System video by Nobile:

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