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Nobile EXT (2008)

Introduced in spring 2006, the EXT has gained a loyal following. The goal was to create a board that rides in nine to 12 knots but which does not hinder your riding pleasure when the wind hits 15 to 18 knots, so you won't need to head back to the beach and change boards. 2008 sees the EXT retain the same high gloss UV stable top foil and as for the rest of the 666 range, also has the revolutionary Hydrodynamic rocker line, Anti Vibration Technology and Elliptical Progressive Concave. If you want to ride in light winds and still perform then the EXT is for you.

NEAL: Widest board but still quite responsive once up and running, which doesn't take very much. Nice rail and
felt lively. Foot straps are heavily set towards the heel-side but that allows you to keep your rail in. Pads and straps are nice and are of the stiff, harder variety. Heavier, super soft pads and straps take some energy out of boards. The same construction as the rest of the 666 range means you get a top end lightweight board, but a stiff and responsive feel that is obvious straight away on the water.
JAMES: Looks really good and I thought was the best board for lightwind performance and for freestyle. Good mix of the two. Popped well and landed nicely. Seemed really thin and is light on your feet and cuts through the water. Feels very smooth, looks good and has a nice finish.
NEAL: Quite slidey and easy to switch from one side to another. A heavier rider could have this as their full-on twin-tip, or a good, lighter rider for light 12 metre weather who would have it as their second board alongside a smaller freestyle board. Short length for its width, so the turning was quite responsive without a lot of input from the rider.
PETE: Felt like you could really throw it around without breaking legs because of the shorter length. Really good upwind ability.
NEAL: The really light day showed its lack of length didn't make the earliest to get going, but once even a little powered it felt so lively. It delivers pretty good amounts of pop and the width made landings super comfortable. Even in the gusts it did not feel overpowered or lose its edge, but you did start to feel how wide it was at speed, especially toe-side which becomes increasingly hard to stay stable as your feet are set quite a way towards the heel edge, but this is normal on a light wind board.

Would keep the heavier rider or a lightweight freestyler in light airs very happy. Starts to suffer in heavy chop or when particularly overpowered.

Lively feeling, great upwind ability, good pop and accomplished all-round lightwind performance.

Width makes it difficult for some toe-side manoeuvres, but this gives it good characteristics elsewhere...tricky call.

139 x 46 and 143 x 48cm.
Nobile EXT (light wind) Kite Board

Nobile EXT (light wind) Kite Board
Nobile EXT (light wind) Kite Board
Nobile EXT (light wind) Kite Board
Nobile EXT (light wind) Kite Board
Nobile EXT (light wind) Kite Board
Nobile EXT (light wind) Kite Board

Added: 2008-10-09

Category: Gear

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