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Nobile 666 (2007)

The 666 range represents the highest level of performance kiteboard from Nobile. Fast planing, incredible upwind performance, maximum grip and extreme pop are all characteristics of this range and are apparent in all water conditions, from absolute glass through to vicious chop, for intermediates to pros. The hydrodynamic rocker gives the board an unparalleled dragfree feeling, performing in light winds and strong, with the only limit to your speed and moves being you. The new rocker line also reduces the amount of spray and increases its ease of use. Nobile recommend you try at least one size bigger than you'd normally ride as the benefits of a larger board are good balance with outstanding control from the hydrodynamic rocker.

GEORGE: I find this a little bit better than the 555 but it's hard to say why.
NEAL: It's a little quicker than the 555. It's supposed to be higher level, has a little more pop and is just a little bit more technical to sail than the 555. But it isn't an extreme freestyle board; it still retains a lot of comfort and offers plenty of pop too.
GEORGE: The landing is brilliant. This board really rewards you. The harder you push it, the more you get back from it. NEAL: The special core and the bottom shape eliminate the vibration. If you try something new on this you don't feel like you're going to break your ankle when you land.
GEORGE: You don't have to think about going upwind - just stick your kite to theedge of the window and you fly upwind. On some boards you really have to think about getting your bar down to your hip and things like that. With this it's just automatic.
NEAL: Being such a fast board makes it easy to get the kite to the front of the window, which helps. One thing I will say about the range is that they have a lot of boards smaller than the 132. I think this size is great. If it can hold the power, then the bigger the board the better, it makes things a lot easier. You get so much benefit from having more planing area. GEORGE: I think the width works to a point. Landing hard on a 44cm wide board can still hurt your ankles. There's definitely something in the construction that makes these so tasty, though.

No sporting comparisons with this one. An all-round beauty that, although laced with sophistication, still achieves an accomplished comfort suitable for most riders.

126 x 38
129 x 39
132 x 41
135 x 44cm

This test is inissue #26

Nobile 666
Nobile 666
Nobile 666

Added: 2007-12-17

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