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Nobile 555 Kiteboard

Nobile 555 Kiteboard
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If you've caught Shinny looking at you funny as you're walking along the beach or while you're riding, it's not that he likes you in any way, he's just become fascinated by what he calls The Human Concept, which has led to the creation of a dynamic asymmetrical outline that works in harmony with your natural physiology. You can't escape the fact that our kiteboarding stances are not symmetrical - can you ride the same on your toe-side and heel-side edges? If not, why does your board have the same outline and fin position on the heel-side and toe-side edges?
In essence, Nobile have tailored the outline on your stronger heel-side rail to give more grip, better upwind performance and maximum pop. On the weaker toe-side there's an increased curve radius and the fins have been brought closer to your feet, improving the carving potential and comfort factor of the board when riding switch and at the same time radically decreasing the foot pressure needed to hold your edge.
The development of a new '09 composite core 2 (90% wood and 10% honeycomb) allowed improvement on the legendary comfort factor, ease-of-use and relevant performance design on the 555 (T5) range without losing the board's lively performance. Once perfected, the addition of the new dynamic asymmetrical outline to the existing elliptical progressive concave and anti-vibration technology increased the versatility even further. The new T5 offers the ultimate in freeride ease-of-use with performance you'll never grow out of.
SIZES: 122 x 36, 125 x 38 128 x 39, 131 x 40, 134 x 41, 137 x 42, 140 x 44 and women's 125 x 38cm


Nobile 555 Kiteboard
Nobile 555 Kiteboard
Nobile 555 Kiteboard

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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