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Nobile 555 135 (2007)

The 2007 555 range is designed to offer easy performance and above all, comfort. Recognizing the fact that not every rider has either the ability or the desire to be a pro, this range is all about fun in the water and going home with a smile. Size changes and improved pop without compromising on the smooth, soft feeling and superb chop handling are what you'll find in this year's models. For many riders an easy to ride board will allow them to perform better than a high- erformance model simply through extra control and confidence. Each size is designed to provide a one board quiver. Not aimed at any specific riding style, these are boards that will allow you to progress quickly and with the minimum of hassle, no matter what your current level is.

NEAL: It goes fast, it goes upwind well. You can get pop but it's not the best for pop, but enough to try things. It's just so easy to ride! It deals with chop without flexing so much that it's heavy on the legs. And it's big too, so landing things is easy.
GEORGE: You get all the planing area that's also good for landing without feeling like you're on a bigger board. Those fat tips really help and they flex well too.
NEAL: Normally those big fat tips make a board feel less omfortable, but now with the technology and the flex Nobile are using it makes the ride feel lovely.
GEORGE: It's difficult to pin-point what they've changed from last year. They were on to such a winner. I know they've tweaked the rocker-line, but it just irons out any bumps beautifully.
WILL: I chose to go on that when it was really windy and I just wanted a board that was really comfortable. I think you get the whole package with this ? enough pop to try stuff, and in 40 knots it just makes it so easy. It's quite a big board for these conditions, but it isn't a problem.
GEORGE: And they've got those footstraps which you can alter easily at both sides so you always keep the widest bit over the top of your foot, however much you adjust them. Nice innovation.
NEAL: It just ridesbeautifully in all directions. It carves well too, maybe not the best, but once in toe-side it's just
sublime. Everything about it is comfortable and it's a pleasant surprise that those big tips don't catch. So you get all the benefits without any of the drawbacks.

Refined comfort in a modern, attractive package. If you like cricket, this board would be Jacques Kallis, if you're into football, then you'd be looking at a Ronaldinho type player, and if you're keen on those throwing games from America then it'd be someone that can run fast, catch well, has a good arm on them and could hit it out of the ground if required. The complete all round weapon, suitable for anyone in any arena.

120 x 36, 125 x 38, 130 x 39, 135 x 40, 145 x 41cm


This test is inissue #26


Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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