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Nobile 50Fifty (2013)

Developed with Mike 'The Knife' Blomvall the 50Fifty is a weapon of choice for Brazilian freestyle wizards Eudazio Da Silva and Carlos Madson. The ultimate freestyle ripper, this board can dominate the discipline with or without using full boots. Inspired by wake-style, it is dedicated to all the riders looking for spectacular pop, comfortable landings, limitless control and edge grip. Dedicated to aggressive riding, the 50Fifty is capable of handling just about anything: flat lagoon, choppy water and a cable park and transforms every spot into a new-schoolers playground. For 2013 Nobile have redesigned the dimensions of the 50Fifty, so the sizes are now more versatile, making it easier to choose the best board for you.

Nobile 50Fifty 2013 - The Game Changer from NobileKiteboardingTV on Vimeo.

Nobile have been in the twin-tip game for a long time now and it shows. Always incredibly well constructed and robust they also have the very neat 'kiss' system for attaching your fins, pads and straps to the board by just tightening a handy tab on top of the screw and without the need for a screwdriver. The pads and straps slot together to form one unit and there are plenty of different stance width and angle options to choose from.

Although aimed at wake-stylers, the 50Fifty has much more of a traditional freestyle outline, appearing longer and thinner in the central section than many of the square, boxy wake-style boards. But this is to its credit we believe, helping it operate nicely in more than just flat water. Nobile haven't been shy with their channeling in the bottom in the past and there are plenty evident again this time. What you get because of that is a lovely feel of directional grip. The 50Fifty bites nicely and likes to point and go. In an around chop that a great quality as there's often air passing underneath your board as you leave a bit of chop and before you reconnect with the water again. The 50Fifty links that all up nicely and without that skatey feel.
Although the 50Fifty likes direction and it likes to be ridden with purpose, it's also not too difficult to pop out to heel-side etc. There is plenty of pop in the board, but that's not its stand out feature. What it does really well, which then makes your life easier for popping, is provide loads of very positive grip, which freeriders will also really appreciate. It also loves to be thrashed at a wave face because of that. You can carve it hard and that relatively long length to width for a modern wake-style board makes it much better than most for actually being ridden, rather than just loaded and popped. The landings are also solid, that bottom shape coming into its own and helping the board find its way as soon as you touch down, gripping nicely right away even when ridden flat on top of the water. Robust, the board is of moderate weight, reassuring you it will last and with strong top and bottom coats can also stand up to plenty of abuse.

The 50Fifty is a good example of a wake-style board that can also cope with ocean going freestyle. This model has been around for a while now and careful tweaks and modifications over the years haven't spoilt what was a really good board for the needs of kitesurfers looking for a one-board freestyle solution.
Loads of grip, drive and comfort from the channels mean you can access the performance in less than ideal conditions.
Some people might find it a little heavy and the foot straps can take a little adjustment to get just right for certain feet.
SIZES: 140 x 40, 138 x 39.5 and 134 x 39cm

Photo of Nobile 50Fifty (2013)  Photo of Nobile 50Fifty (2013)  Photo of Nobile 50Fifty (2013) 

Build quality: 8
Fixtures and fittings: 7
Speed: 7
Pop: 7
Upwind: 8
Slider proof: 7
Freeriding: 8
Freestyle: 7
Ease-of-use: 8

Added: 2013-05-31

Category: Gear

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