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Nobile 50Fifty 7m (2013)

The 50Fifty is a hybrid C kite featuring the advantages of both C-shape and bow types. Built with a super fast, thin profile, there's a floating strut in the centre of the kite, not reducing weight in the kite, but also helps to absorb the vibrations caused by sudden gusts of wind and eliminates fluttering of the kite. The side struts have also been redesigned this year and thanks to aerodynamic innovations, the kite is fast with less drag, loses power more quickly when necessary, helping the performance of new school tricks, and also features excellent depower. Large, square kite wing-tips improve the kite's agility and make for just the right amount of bar pressure. The 50Fifty is powerful, providing excellent lift and pop, combined with constant power while performing tricks. Impressive speed, nice pull during the whole turning process, stability, direct feeling, great unhooked performance and easy relaunch make it the kite of choice for all freestyle and new school riders, while the construction also makes it suitable for use in waves.

Nobile 50Fifty Kite from NobileKiteboardingTV on Vimeo.

The 50Fifty is one of the best looking kites on the market, we reckon. Solid, bright colours, a good looking C shape in the sky, the kite always looks beautifully poised whenever you see it on the water. Nobile produce incredibly well made boards and the kites continue along the same vein. The leading edge is fairly thin, adding to the kite's efficiency and speed and this is a quick hybrid C, make no doubt. There's a robust one pump and the bridle, although short in actual length, runs right around the leading edge, offering the thin leading edge loads of support and the kite definitely remains sturdy in the air. The KISS bar system features all you need. It's not the most high tech but is clean and very easy to use. The trimming system is on an older style pull-pull webbing strap, with a red tab for depower and higher up a big black loop to power the kite up, which is a little further away to reach, but these systems always work pretty well. Below the bar the chicken-loop is medium size, holds its rigid shape nicely and also keys in to present itself at the right angle after an unhooked trick. Simple engagement for the release, it also clips together in an unfussy way. You can also attach the outside lines to the outside or inner knots on the bar ends, effectively giving you the option of shortening the bar length if on the inside settings to slow the steering of the smaller sizes.
In the air it's immediately apparent how much power this kite has. This isn't the sort of C kite you have to work around a lot to get it going. We used it in some really strong winds and it becomes a handful when you start pushing over 30 knots. The low end however is great, so you can get going really early and enjoy having a super nimble kite in your hands. Eager to work its way around the window, the 50Fifty has exciting handling. Poised, precise, fast and powerful, it's also extremely happy to sit still and provides bags of pop for your tricks. Nicely balanced in or out of the loop the 50Fifty doesn't surge back wards or forwards, it just creates lots of usable pop and power with more slack than most hybrid kites. Hooked-in there's loads of boosty lift, too. This is a great modern freestyle kite, that's really good fun in the right hands. Relaunch is excellent for a freestyle C kite, too.
Experienced riders will get the most out of this as it not only packs a lot of power, it creates a lot of power through the turns as well and doesn't have a massive amount of depower. Not far off the top of the power game in freestyle kites, you'll need plenty of good board skills to control the power as the wind picks up. Makes for an exciting kite to fly, pop and boost in the right hands.

Photo of Nobile 50Fifty 7m (2013)  Photo of Nobile 50Fifty 7m (2013)  Photo of Nobile 50Fifty 7m (2013)  Photo of Nobile 50Fifty 7m (2013) 
Lots of power and superb, aggressive handling. Being able to get on a smaller kite more regularly, too.
Increase the top end. It does become quite a handful.
SIZES: 14, 12, 10, 9, 7 and 5m
Build quality ? 8
Full package ? 7.5
Low end ? 9
Top end ? 7
Steering speed ? 8.5
Turning circle ? 8
Bar pressure - 5
Water relaunch ? 6.5
Boost ? 8.5
Hang-time ? 7
Unhooked - 8
Easy of use ? 8 (As a freestyle kite)

Added: 2013-06-07

Category: Gear

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