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Nobile 50Fifty 10m (2012)


The 50Fifty replaces the NHP in Nobile's line-up and is even more freestyle and new school focused than its predecessor. The construction is a hybrid C kite featuring advantages of both C and bow shapes, including a new super fast, thin profile designed especially for freestyle. In the centre of the kite is a floating strut that's not only light weight, but also absorbs the vibrations caused by sudden gusts of wind and eliminates fluttering. Additionally, the side struts have been redesigned and overall the kite is now faster (less drag), quicker to lose power at the bar when necessary during new school tricks and features excellent depower. The large surface area wing-tips improve the kite's agility and accurate bar pressure. The 50Fifty is also powerful, with excellent lift and pop, constant power, impressive speed and nice pull during the whole turning process. Finally, the 50Fifty is stable, very direct feeling with great unhooked performance and easy relaunch.


The 50Fifty carries the C shape off as a bridled kite but has a wider arc than the other kites with quite a large flat surface area at the top of the canopy. It also feels very light weight in your hands and you can tell it's been built for performance. The leading edge is thinner than all the other C kites too. The grip on the bar feels good in your hands, it's quite narrow in diameter with some small finger grooves. The chicken-loop is ample size and the safety system is very neat, solid and easy to activate and reset. Nobile have used the excellent freestyle suicide and safety line combination leash attachment ring and the safety line runs up through the chicken-loop. The chicken-loop also keys in nicely to the bar when unhooked and swivels so you can get the twists out of your bar, but requires a little effort, which is good as it means the chicken-loop doesn't spin when you're trying to hook back in. Above the bar is an easy-to-use triangle stopper and strapped trimming system that works nicely, the same as the Blade. There's a big range on the kite and a huge range in the trimming too and this system works quickly and easily on the water.
Straight away you can feel a nice amount of power. Not really torquey low down power; it's very light, adept and sporty at the bar and the 50Fifty flies extremely cleanly and quickly through the sky. It is without a doubt is one of the fastest ten metres out there. We rode it at both ends of its wind range and it coped beautifully in each, performing especially well in its low end and seemingly getting better and better the more wind was thrown at it. Other kites might slow up and become sluggish in low winds, the 50Fifty charges ahead and performs nice jumps and loops in pretty poor conditions, really allowing you to make the most of the conditions through its efficiency. Generating a huge amount of lift, this kite really likes to go boing. It's an instant grin making machine and lifts your mood and riding style as soon as you get on it. We didn't expect it to be as grunty as it is for kite looping because it's so athletic and eager. Bridled kites typically turn fast but don't loop with any real manly power, but this is different. A ten metre is a big kite to be doing big loops, but because of its clean performance through the air it was no problem. There's no coughing from the kite on the latter sections of the loop and there's a really nice lift at the end as it climbs back up through the window to soften the landing. At this point in a loop you're travelling downwind quickly, redirecting the kite back downwind so you don't have to stomp on your rail to get the kite to catch up with you. This kite just keeps up and you can ride away from your landings at full speed. An advanced rider will get the most out of this kite because it's fast and obedient, as an early intermediate it will be too fast and too much of a handful, moving quickly and generating quite a lot of power while doing it.
Unhooking in light winds is really comfortable but in stronger winds some trimming is needed as it produces a lot of power off the hook. It's full on and meaty. Around 20 knots it has a lovely balance between being able to unhook and perform sent jumps without much need to adjust. There is a slight tendency for the kite to wander around the sky a little more than the most solid of unhooked C kites, but it's difficult to produce a kite that's this quick that doesn't do that.
Relaunch is excellent, just pull on one line and up she goes, often straight up through the middle of the window. Inexperienced riders could get caught out, but at the level this kite is aimed at, it's a positive thing. The quicker the better and with most C kites there is a longer delay once the kite has gone down.


We really enjoyed the 50Fifty, it's a very exciting kite to fly and for anyone looking for a fun kite who is not too worried about absolute wake-style performance, but wants something with very all round high performance, then this is a cracking option. This raises your riding game instantly, jumping higher, carrying more speed and looping with real confidence. It's more kite-style than wake-style, if you know what we mean...!


High-revving, high-performance nature.


Reinforcements are fairly light, but that's why the kite flies so well and has such good performance. It's all a compromise.


14, 10, 12, 9, 7 and 5m



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Nobile 50Fifty
Nobile 50Fifty
Nobile 50Fifty
Nobile 50Fifty
Nobile 50Fifty

Added: 2012-04-26

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