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Naish Shockwave 9m (2006)

Nice refined bar, but as with most pulley bars it has lots of toggles dangling in front of your eye line and feels heavy. It's a super-stable kite that turns really smoothly. This steadiness and stability means the kite will just sit alongside you without
complication as you ride waves, and has loads of power for getting out back. You could have a way smaller one of these
than any C kite on almost any given day. Not very easy unhooked, however.
Naish are touting this kite as the most dynamic surf kite ever made. They have called their design a Supported Leading Edge which gives the kite more projected area and a greater range of adjustment in the angle of attack. It's the double purchase system that provides this greater range of adjustment: the kite will depower wherever it is in the window and will stay rock solid in the air without a hint of collapse.
NEAL: It's got a reassuring quality to it. Nice release on the chicken loop, and everything else is well thought out. I'm not
the biggest fan of these depower toggles in your eye line, but at least with the Naish they're easy to use; it is an easy pull on the red one for depower.
WILL: Looks good and feels safe. I like the Naish bars because they're slightly oval shaped and comfy for your hands. The kite is good - really powerful. When it's going straight you can really tank on it. Once it's turning, it moves nicely and if you want to park it for wave riding and stuff, it's great.
NEAL: If you depowered it fully it feels just like the others, but the good thing for me is that you can power it right up. I think it flies better when it isn't fully powered, but that just shows how much depower it's got. You can get the 9
to feel like a 12, but you'd struggle to get it to feel much smaller though because it's pokey.
WILL: It has a bit more of a C kite feel to it. It pulls more in the turn.
NEAL: It sat beautifully. Although you have to pull quite hard to get it to turn, the pulleys make it very responsive. You can set it up as a sort of fifth line bridle and if you let go unhooked it'll just slide up like the others.
7, 9, 12 and 16m

This test is in issue #21

naish shockwave 9m

naish shockwave 9m
naish shockwave 9m
naish shockwave 9m
naish shockwave 9m

Added: 2008-08-01

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