Home Gear Naish Raven 14m (2006)

Naish Raven 14m (2006)

This falls into the higher aspect category of kite offering constant power, good response to rider input, is quick to power
up in light winds but can also be a bit of a handful. Good for the heavier rider that needs that extra punch under the hood or
a good rider that likes the power.
The Raven is the high performance contest kite in Naish's line up. It's got increased range and depower for gusty conditions and is designed for big airs as well as having the versatility for doing huge kite loops. They've also reduced the profile to increase lift and stability. They've sped it all up too with a smaller leading edge.
NEAL: Another of the high aspect models. This has moved on from the hard-working hi's, it's more majestic and controllable now. It is quite technical to fly in lighter winds to stop it stalling, but if you're used to high performance kites you'd expect that. It gets going really quick, and everything on it is quality and strong. The depower's all clear and simple, the fifth line's perfect, and the safety system's good. It all feels sound when you hook into it, it turns easily and it's really smooth.
WILL: The attention to detail is great. It's all just finished and everything that needs tucking out of the way has been. It's an enjoyable ride.
NEAL: It's got the Octopus system that had Will thinking there was a leak in the bladders because it was hissing, so he stopped pumping it up!
WILL: It's not my fault - it's an invisible one pump!
GEORGE: Just flies really nicely. You always know where it is from the pull.
WILL: They might not have the most grunt, they might not be the best upwind kites, but they're just smooth and feel like Naish have covered everything you could want as a rider.
NEAL: They're almost like the all-American kite; grunty, slightly more powerful, not so worried about the little flicky tricks. Whereas some of the other kites are more European in style; they feel a bit smaller with lots of depower and pop and they whizz about. This is more like the college quarter-back; it's got a good arm and can take care of itself.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20m

This test is in issue #21

Naish Raven 14m

Naish Raven 14m
Naish Raven 14m
Naish Raven 14m

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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