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Naish Thorn 133 (2008)

Since its introduction in 2004, the Thorn has set the standard for high-performance twin-tips. Tuned with the highest tension flex and the most powerful outline shape of Naish's 2008 line, pro riders will appreciate the positive response and reliable control for advanced freestyle, while intermediate freeriders benefit from the kiteboard's massive wind range, lively speed and upwind efficiency. The 2008 model has a refined shorter and wider outline, offering quicker planing and a more controlled ride. The Thorn also has an all-new exclusive solid wood core, delivering performance and durability like never before.

NEAL: A mean looking twin-tip with really comfortable straps and heavy duty pads that are aimed at the freestyler. Very comfortable through any kind of water, allowing you to ride fast and get upwind easily, but I found it a little too flexible and noticed both legs were soaking up a little too much of the effort after a little
while riding. That flex does make landings super soft, but does detract from the pop you would expect from that outline. Perhaps lighter riders would like this, but I think a serious freestyler would prefer something stiffer. A nice, supercomfortable all round twin-tip with first class pads and straps.
CHRIS: It looks really well made. I like the wood core showing through and it looks like a good, aggressive outline. Overall it's a good looking board, quite small, smart and wellfinished with a handle that tries not to be
noticed. On the water the board feels smooth, comfortable to ride with loads of grip available on the rail. It's quite flexible and ploughs through the chop really well, but is perhaps a little too soft for really aggressive freestyle. Upwind is really good though and board speed is fast, just not super fast. Looks like a Porsche but rides a bit more sedately, like an Aston, if you know what I mean!

Another good all rounder with the looks, softness, comfort and enough performance to make it a good choice for an intermediate to good rider, but perhaps not as much pop performance as the most hard riding freestyle merchants might like.

Slick looks and smooth performance.


127 x 38, 129 x 39, 131 x 40, 133 x 41 and 135 x 42cm.
Naish Thorn 133 Kite Board

This test is inissue #34

Naish Thorn 133 Kite Board
Naish Thorn 133 Kite Board
Naish Thorn 133 Kite Board
Naish Thorn 133 Kite Board
Naish Thorn 133 Kite Board
Naish Thorn 133 Kite Board
Naish Thorn 133 Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Gear

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