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Naish Sol 130 (2005)

The size we tested would be more suited to heavier riders or lighter conditions. For freestyle, pop, and locked-in feeling it's fantastic. Feels comfortable from the start goes bloody fast in a straight line and will pull a trick or two. We're claiming standing on it in 40 knots and feeling comfortable, so there...!
The new Sol twin-tip line is Naish's most technical kiteboard range yet. Designed for advanced riders, the outline is specifically designed for fast, technical riding and powerful upwind performance. Similar characteristics find their way through the whole range.
We tested the 130, billed as the board with enough length to stick the hottest and most powerful landings while maintaining enough power to keep you going through the lulls. These boards are all about pop, board speed and holding an edge. They're tough too with ABS sidewalls, a high-density closed cell foam core, unidirectional glass x-patch torsion control and a lightweight gel coat finish top and bottom.
NEAL: When you first look at the Sol you think, it's wide, stiff, got great fittings, it's bomb proof, the graphics are not my cup of tea, but I think it's one of the nicest Naish twin-tips in a couple of years. This board is going to be fantastic on flat water, but here it was so solid and almost slightly unforgiving. One of the smaller ones would have been fine, but even so there was such a lovely locked in feeling.
DAN: I thought the straps were brilliant. When I put all the boards on the beach, I thought the pads were a little thin but the straps were so solid and comfortable.
NEAL: The stiffness let it down in the waves today, it really doesn't have the most progressive turn. But that's not what it's for, we are testing it outside of its comfort zone.
DAN: I don't remember getting overpowered on that board today, which surprised me for its size.
NEAL: Yeah, it's an absolute barnstormer. You set your line and go there, full stop. It tracks unbelievably well, and actually thinking about it, even in those mental conditions you could sit on the face of a wave, even with the kite trying to pull you away and just take it all. You could stay exactly where you wanted to.
DAN: I think a heavier sailor would like the 130. It gives you a feeling of control, it didn't break out, didn't spin out and didn't confuse you at all.
NEAL: If anything it was too locked in at times. Normally when you get powered up you want to push your back foot out to calm things down. I didn't have enough power in my legs to push it out. It was so locked it was phenomenal. Great for competition freestyle and loading up till the cows come home.
120 x 36.5cm
125 x 37.5cm
130 x 38.5cm
135 x 39.5cm
Naish Sol 130

This test is in issue #13

Naish Sol 130
Naish Sol
Naish Sol 130

Added: 2007-03-08

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