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Naish Sol 136 (2007)


Drawing from some progressive wakeboard and snowboard designs, the 2007 Sol is a product of vision combining the feel of many styles into one. Unlike kiteboards that try to achieve strength and snap by using foam instead of wood, the Sol uses proven snowboard construction with a tip-to-tip wood-core to give you the same feeling with no compromise. The Sol has the ability to excel at powered freestyle, but is still ultra smooth when you just want to go out and carve. With the Sol's progressive outline, remember to look at the width of the board more than the length when hoosing a board size. Its bigger sizing allows you to maintain all of the power that you need, while still giving you the ultimate Sol ride.

WILL: I like it a lot. You can really cruise on it and enjoy yourself. It has nice pads and straps that you don't need to take off for travelling as they fold down, and the stance is good. I think you can pop it, it's just a bit harder to get loads of pop, but that's because it's not an out-and-out freestyle board.
GEORGE: The straps look wicked but I don't like the pads.
NEAL: You have to tighten them right up; bung your feet in, haul on the straps and then you are really locked in. Then it's a nice feeling. I felt locked in. WILL: In the bottom turns it's great. You never get that feeling that you get on twintips like it's about to skip out at any minute.
GEORGE: That really oval outline must help with that. The rails are like a reverse camber where they're sharp at the bottom and more rounded at the top.
WILL: I think it lands really well. It's a bizarre shape. As an intermediate board it's great, you could do a lot worse. It's just difficult to place because it works so well all-round.
NEAL: Anyone heavier than 80 kilos might struggle with this size, but if you want one board for general sea riding, its cruisy nature is ideal. There's not much planing area to it so it's not the fastest going, but as a result will hold power. Good for lighter people.
WILL: I found myself picking it up when we weren't testing just for cruising about. Because you can control the power well, it reduces the amount of getaway-out-of- ontrolspeed- runs you get as an intermediate.

Good all-rounder suitable for a wide range of riders from early intermediates up to advanced. Not the best at freestyle, but let's face it, not everyone is interested in knocking out mobes. As a general open ocean ally, this is a good bet.

130 x 37.5, 133 x 38.5, 136 x 39.5, 139 x 40.5, 142 x 41.5cm

Naish Sol 136


This test is in issue #26

Naish Sol 136
Naish Sol 136

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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